Monday, 15 April 2013

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Mr & Mrs Brown of Henderland Cottage have today tendered their resignations from all of their duties with regard to St Mary's Angling Club.

We have with a degree of reluctance accepted their resignations.

As from today the above will cease to be an outlet for the sale of permits or the hiring of boats! Please do NOT direct your enquiries regarding the fishing to the above address.

Our Permits can be obtained from The Glen Cafe, The Gordon Arms Hotel, The Tibbie Shiels Inn and Cast Around Peebles. It is likely that we will increase these outlets in the near future.

Thanks to all who have contacted me regarding the broken links on the main site, again the problem lies with Google who are transferring all Google page site to Google sites. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do the standard fix is not working!
As soon as Google get the problem fixed we will be back! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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