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Sunday, 8 November 2009

The 76th Club AGM Part 1 and Eddies Tackle Review


The 28th of October saw the 76th gathering of members to formulate and rubber stamp future policy. The well attended meeting saw a rich and varied spread of views which can only be to the benefit of the club. The Presidents review of the year told of record revenue burgeoning membership and this was not a complete year as the date of the AGM has been changed from February to the preceding October! There was wholehearted support for the robust Muppet busting policies we have adopted.
Some discussion concerned internal club issues and then came the main points for the coming year.
On the advice of the committee the meeting approved a considerable amount of money to be used to purchase 2 Lomond type boats along with two outboard motors and the upgrading of one of our "Blue" boats following procedures laid down by the Australian government. This upgraded boat will be based on the Loch o the Lowes. These moves alone will create a considerable amount of work and we really need member participation to ease the workload on the willing horses.
It looks as though our hatchery in the boathouse will be in use towards the end of 2010 but whether it will be used for Arctic Charr or Brown Trout has yet to be determined. Much work and research now has to be carried out to get the system working and understand the rearing process to minimise problems.
I wonder if the "concerned" club member and the ex club member anonymously leaving derogatory comments on an earlier post would care to comment again, based on the factual results attained by the club? Methinks not, humble pie can be quite unpalatable in large helpings!

A six monthly newsletter will be issued to all members but those of you with internet access need only check in here weekly to keep up to date.

Members are reminded that all renewal subscriptions must be made to our treasurer by 31/01/2010 see last week's post for the contact details.

Tackle review by Eddie I

Hi folks, for as long as I've been pike fishing I've struggled to get to grips with front alarms. I tried to get the best alarm I could afford and usually ended up with a fox micron. Don't get me wrong these were good alarms if you were carp fishing and using a baitrunner but for me I always fish with an open bail arm and swinger to minimise resistance, this always ended up with line skip where the line fails to turn the wheel hence no sound.
I recently found myself in need of a new alarm so after some saving and a lot of pleading with the princess i bought a Delkim plus. I know they are not cheap but this is the best alarm I've ever used! With the volume control turned up they will easily wake you in the middle of the night and you can set the tones to distinguish between alarms, but for me the best thing is it has no moving parts it simply senses vibrations, this has solved my problem with line skip. If your line is pulled from the swinger the alarm sounds and won't stop until you pick up your rod to strike. They also register drop backs instantly.
There is also the TXI model available with a remote sounder box but they are more expensive and frankly if you need a sounder box on your pillow to wake you it's probably best you bring the rods in at night.
Unlike carp fishing where the fish normally hooks its self, a pike run has to be hit straight away, not after you fumble about for five minutes looking for your wellies. At about 80 to 90 quid as I said the Delkim plus is not cheap but I think worth it. Good bite detection results in fewer deep hooked fish and you can't put a price on that. Surf the web for best prices. (Eddie I).
Cheers Eddie, another pragmatic review from a man in the field who uses the products he reviews, making for a more comprehensive review on which buying decisions can be made.

Remembrance Day

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them!

Photos of leaping fish taken by my good mate Mo absolutely stunning cheers mate!


mo said...
Happy to supply the snaps. But it would be nice to catch the odd one using a rod rather than a camera :o(
Helen said...
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Helen said...
Hello again, I am still following your blog, how does the photographer capture such images. I am quite keen to improve my photographic skills. Would I need specialist equipment?

11 November 2009 17:31
Allo Mo aye thats rich comin from you what was the score on our last outing to lindean? let me remind you, me 1 you 8 and ah cant take photo's either! Its an ill divided world my freind!
Hello Helen I thought you had given up on us it's been a while! Hope you are well and I will ask Mo how he does it cos I haven't a clue! Cheers for now and keep on reading!
Mo said...
Hi Helen.

No specialist equipment needed, just being in the right place at the right time. Usually means going to a known place after a flood when the water has started dropping but is still 1-2ft up.

Initially I took over 100 pics and got nothing until a friend told me the secret. Hold the shutter button half way down so that the focus and exposure are preset then wait for a fish to show. When a fish jumps press fully down and the fish is captured instantly. If you don't do the preset thing the camera takes about a second to fire by which time the fish is long gone.

Hope that helps.
Now Helen there you go photographic advice from a fishing blog great stuff eh! Cheers Mo!
Helen said...
Thank you Richard and Mo I am most grateful.
You are most welcome!

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