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Sunday, 8 March 2009


The general thrust of the meeting was to move the club forward and the following rules were constructed to assist us in reaching that goal.

St Mary’s Angling Club
We hope you enjoy your fishing on the lochs. Below are the essential rules which must be adhered to, this is not a comprehensive list, please see your permit and use your common sense. In all cases if you are in doubt don’t do it and seek clarification 01750 42243

You must submit a catch return for all fish caught (including nil returns).If the fish is tagged record the tag number, we also require weight or estimate where and when caught. Please deposit your completed return in the box provided at the boathouse or mail the club via the website.

Strictly no dogs to accompany anglers, Guide Dogs are allowed (please clarify with the Loch keeper).

No litter of any kind to be left, leave litter and lose the right to fish on the loch’s.

Although fishing is permitted on the Bowerhope side of the loch, there is a No Parking restriction on the Bowerhope road on the far side of St Mary’s loch.

The rules for spinning/lure fishing/trolling are – all legal lures permitted excepting after 30th September until the 1st of April. During the Trout close season (30th September to the 1st April) lure fishing/trolling is permitted only for Pike. Lures/wobbled deadbaits must be over 5 inches in length and such fishing is restricted to the area from the top of the loch to 50 yards above the Megget point (see map). You may fish static deadbaits anywhere on the loch. The taking of Salmon/Sea Trout is strictly prohibited as are Brown Trout out of season. Any angler caught in possession of any of these fish will immediately lose the right to fish and will be reported to the relevant authority who will almost certainly prosecute.

Under no circumstances must you drive your vehicle on to private land.

You must show your permit to any Warden/ Loch Bailiff or any club member asking to see it on production of a warrant card or valid permit.

If anyone encounters an angler without a permit or who refuses to display a valid permit you should phone the loch keeper without delay 01750 42243.

Catch limits are – All species 6 fish limit, however catch and release is encouraged. No Pike to be taken.

The fish considered to be indigenous to the lochs are- Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Pike, Perch, Eel, Arctic Charr, and 3 Spined Stickleback. Any fish other than the aforementioned must be humanely destroyed and given to the loch keeper who will contact SNH to enable forensic examination to take place.

Pike fishing – Line must be a minimum of 20lbs monofilament or 40lbs braid. A wire trace must be used. You must have adequate unhooking instruments. Pike anglers are limited to 4 rods. The Pike in the loch’s are our future, rough handling/mistreatment of Pike is strictly prohibited! If you are new to Pike fishing please mention this when booking we can usually fix you up with a mentor. As the debate on barbed vs. barbless/and single vs. treble hooks continues please exercise your own judgement after updating yourself from a reliable resource site such as the Pike Anglers Club GB. Be able to justify your choice of tackle! Pike anglers should adhere to the PAC code of conduct. Reference copies of this document are available to view @ Henderland Cottage East.

On no account must an angler purchase a permit on the bank side without having firstly examined the Wardens/Bailiffs warrant card!

If you feel that a Warden/Bailiff has acted in an unseemly manner please raise your concerns with the Loch Keeper 01750 42243

Be prepared to show your permit if asked to do so!

A healthy debate took place over the barbed vs barbless hooks issue with both sides putting forward excellent points. It was felt that since no conclusive research based advice was available it was best to leave the decision up to the individual anglers. Please check a reliable resource site such as the Pike Anglers Club GB for the latest developments. Click the link to see the type of discussion that takes place -

Lure fishing map

All members will receive a copy of these rules by post or e mail. Visitors will receive a copy to read and return on purchasing a permit. The new rules are effective from 01/04/2009.

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