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Sunday, 8 February 2009


Received this item from John W one of our more active members it is self explanatory and is an issue of great importance as you will find out when you read it. If you value your fishing please click on the online petition link below.

some more details of what article 47 means
EU Article 47 could destroy sea angling.
If you are haven't heard about it or are unsure of what the issues are, look at the bottom of the page.
Next week MEPs are meeting to discuss the proposals which would require recreational anglers throughout the EU to :
Have to pay for a license
Be Subject to quota/bag limits - once you have caught that, pack up and go home
Have to fill in catch returns in log books
Along with these, catch and release will be banned and you will lose the right to roam.
This will apply equally to all forms of angling - shore, boat, charter or competition.
We need to let them know anglers are strongly opposed to the proposals ASAP, please don’t leave this to others. If you want to carry on fishing you need to respond. A one liner is just as important as a ten page email.
Struan Stephenson - Scottish MEP has spoken out against the proposals, see
but he needs the support of the other MSPs if he is to be successful.
How can you help - please email the MEP’s, all you need to say is, you are opposed to article 47 of the EU common fisheries policy control regulationss which links recreational fisheries to commercial catches.
All you need to do is copy and paste the following into your email address line -;;;;;;
If you want to add more then look at the ssacn response,, a copy of the draft regulation can be found at - the following is a quick summary ::
Monitoring of Recreational Fisheries Article 47
Recreational fisheries on a vessel in Community waters on a stock subject to a multiannual plan shall be subject to an authorisation for that vessel issued by the flag Member State.
Catches in recreational fisheries on stocks subject to a multiannual plan shall be registered by the flag Member State.
Catches of species subject to a multiannual plan by recreational fisheries shall be counted against the relevant quotas of the flag Member State. The Member States concerned shall establish a share from such quotas to be used exclusively for the purpose of recreational fisheries.
The marketing of catches from a recreational fishery shall be prohibited except for philanthropic purposes.
The Committee meeting takes place shortly, please send your emails this week, every ones fishing is at risk.
Many thaks John for bringing this to our attention.

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