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Arctic Charr and competition rules and tips!

Arctic Charr
I spoke to representatives of Scottish National Heritage this week on the subject of Arctic Charr in St Mary's loch. We had not heard from them for a while and doubts were creeping in that all might not be well with our project. Thankfully they dispelled any doubts we may have had. The project is geared up and waiting on better weather, the funding is in place only the dates require to be finalised. Interestingly the project leaders are to take this opportunity to include the scanning of Megget and Talla Reservoirs to quantify the success or otherwise of the introductions carried out there in 1986.This will be most interesting.
The word informally is that the Talla introduction was successful but the Megget one is unknown part of the reason why the Megget one may have been unsuccessful was that only fry were introduced here whilst adult fish and fry were introduced into Talla.
This is a very exciting time for us as a club, indeed for the community, our riparian owners, and the Borders area in general. It restores a part of the areas bio community that has been absent for over 300 years! We eagerly await the phone call from Dr Colin Bean from SNH with the eagerly awaited schedule. Members who would like to assist in the scanning should get in touch.
Competition Rules
(1) Fishing is to be from bank only.

(2) There is to be a bag limit of 4 Trout the catch and release.

(3) No Trout under 10 inches may be taken.

(4) Fishing shall be fly only with fly reel and line with the maximum hook size being size12 longshank.

(5) No Trout shal be passed to another angler (Bag sharing).

(6) Pike and Perch to be returned to the loch.

(7) The organisers may inspect all tackle and fish caught.

(8) Parking in designated areas only, avoid blocking farm gates and entrances, no vehicular access on the estate road at the North East end of the Loch

(9) Any angler found to be in breach of competition rules shall be disqualified.

(10) Fishing shall commence at 10.00am and finish at 16.00hrs with all catches to be weighed in by 16.45hrs at the Tibbie Shiels Inn.
(11) Fishing to be confined to St Mary's Loch only.
Photo Rather large dont you think!

Tips on fishing the lochs
Flyfishing on the lochs can be productive with generally the margins being the areas to target. The spring of the year is the time the lochs fish well April, May and the first part of June.

Tips for fishing the lochs in the Spring.
Since the competition falls within the Spring the tips are confined to this time of year. More tips on the main website as soon as time allows.
Trout can be found very close in to the bank in the early part of the season with autopsies showing a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial organisms being taken. The most abundant being small claret and olive nymphs which may hatch in sheltered areas of the loch and caddis larvae. Often tiny black beetles are blown on to the water and these may bring large Trout swirling to the surface.
Mid water Daphnia is often found in feeding Trout on the milder days. Best flies are traditional often general representations for example a Zulu, Bibio, Greenwells, Mallard & Claret and Silver Butcher with Dunkeld. Success can also be found with variants on a Teal and silver such as a Teal Blue and Silver, or Teal Black and Silver. Goldhead Nymphs have found favour popularity in recent years with Claret and Orange being particularly favoured. Flies are best kept on the small side as the Trout in the lochs can be fussy at times.
They arrived around 3 weeks ago and are now here in numbers. The one in the photo succumbed yesterday to some malady. A great shame but thats how life operates! A dead cygnet was also found and buried on Friday!

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