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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Catch Report May 2009, how it should be done and Matilda gives a PB to yet another angler.

With the Pike spawning now over the Pike are back with a vengeance and topping the table by a long chalk this month is member Fraser P who on a five day fish in managed twenty Pike up to 12lbs 8oz. This is a great catch which was made up with Pike from all over the loch using a variety of methods showing that Pike can be caught all over the loch.

Fraser just lost out on the heaviest Pike of the month by 2oz the heavier fish falling to Eddie I one of our members from the west who often does an overnighter and on this occasion reaped the rewards! Well done Fraser and Eddie!
None of the bigger crocs have yet shown face but plenty of Pike have been caught as follows – eight Pike between ten and twelve pounds ten ounces, seventeen Pike between seven and ten pounds and fifteen Pike between four and seven pounds and four Pike up to four pounds.

TroutThis won’t please the scoffers but six Trout around the pound mark were caught, three were returned and twelve Trout between ten ounces and one pound were recorded. Smolts and small Trout were recorded to the tune of fourteen but the figure is probably higher due to some anglers not recording them.

Seven Perch were recorded the heaviest being thirteen ounces, and only three Eels were recorded no weights were submitted.
Fraser P caught most of these species.

How it should be done!What you might say? Well to elucidate, met up with Ian L today from Region 52 Ayrshire PAC and spent a while conversing as anglers tend to do, the topics were many and varied and will be recounted another day.

Here’s how Ian arrived at the lochs,
(1) Visited the website to research our rules/contact numbers and the news page to find out how the Pike spawning is progressing etc.
(2) Contacted me by e mail for the latest information giving the dates he intended to come, in return we sent him the catch map for 2008 showing where most fish had been caught enabling him to choose a good spot.
(3) Phoned our loch keeper to make his intentions known and exchange common courtesies.
(4) Arrived 06.00 today and commenced fishing after a blether to myself.
(5)At around 11am squared up with the loch keeper for his two days fishing. Oh and he found the noticeboard without any problem, must be one of the chosen few eh!

Job done and when asked what he thought of the process- Just normal etiquette when visiting another fishery, no nonsense no pack drill!
There you go in easy steps the process to secure your fishing.

Perhaps natural justice then the fact that Ian bagged himself a new Personal Best for Brown Trout, when he overcame the might of that bag of muscle Matilda, at her heaviest weight yet of 8lbs 6oz (is there no end to this lady’s appetite?) and takes the record for the lochs heaviest Brown Trout back to Ayrshire- well done mate! But we will be pulling out all the stops to get that record back! Oh and he was into the Pike as well with a fine 10lbs 12oz specimen when I left at five, with tonight and tomorrow to go, we hope you get a deal more sport mate and some Eel action overnight. Great meeting up with you again and if you can send on the photos of your catch, and we will get them in the gallery!

WEBSITE – thanks to the many readers who mailed to say the website is not functioning correctly we appreciate your assistance. Our resident computer guru Mo is on the case so hopefully it will be resolved soon, early indications are the fault lies with Google.

Lost keys - To the two lads from Stonehaven who lost and later found their van keys at the village hall glad you caught today, and if you get one of those whistling key rings let me know where you get them because I keep losing mine as well!

This weeks photo's some of the flora around the lochs.

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