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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Keeping you informed.

One of the problems faced by all clubs is the effective dissemination of information to the membership. We have by the use of our news pages remedied this for all internet using members. Those who do not use the internet are excluded from receiving updated information. There is no easy answer to this as individual mailings to such members whenever something turns up is not really cost effective and impinges greatly on the author.
Photo - Bruces 9lbs Pike.

We decided last year to issue a twice yearly news letter to all members at their home addresses. This allows members to keep up to date with developments more so than in the past. Members can also go to their local libraries and access the internet for a nominal fee. The news letters will also be posted on the club notice board situated at the boat house on St Mary's. Below is the inaugural letter.
Dear Member,

Welcome to the first of what we plan to be a regular twice yearly newsletter to keep you abreast of developments with regard to your club. The committee has been hard at work on a number of exciting projects. We intend in one form or another to start our own Brown Trout hatchery, rearing fry from eggs stripped from our own fish. This will be coupled with a long term programme of habitat improvement to optimise the conditions for the development of our young trout in the feeder streams and lochs. We are hoping to import some expert advice from the Wild Trout Trust to further aid us in this matter.

We have also made significant moves towards reintroducing Arctic Charr into St Mary's loch, the first step being hydroacoustic scanning of St Marys to rule out the possibility that a benthic (bottom feeding) population may already exist, if Charr are not detected then we would be seeking the reintroduction of the species with donor stock possibly from Talla reservoir. We are currently liaising with Scottish National Heritage on the issue of a funding grant. The initial response from SNH looks very positive and the status of the project looks likely to be elevated to one of national importance!

It is our intention to hold an open wild Brown Trout competition in May 2010 (date yet to be finalised) with some excellent prizes the first prize being a day's Salmon fishing on the river Tweed in Oct/Nov 2010. There will also be a barbeque after the weigh in at the Tibbie Shiels Inn. Keep up to date with our internet news pages or check out your local tackle dealer for further information, all good tackle dealers will be kept up to date with developments hopefully around mid January. You may also phone 01896 752337/07980350031 or e mail stmarysloch@gmail.com for up to date news. Members seeking entry should apply immediately as places are limited.

We will have an up rated boat on the loch o the Lowes around April this year and at least 1 petrol motor to accompany the electric one we have at present. We should also have a new "Lomond" type boat in the near future.

Rest assured that your committee has not been resting on their laurels, they have carried out some sterling work so far and I have no hesitation in stating that these lads will push the club forward with their actions and enthusiasm, they have done an absolutely splendid job over the last year cleaning up the bank sides and the clientele, banishing the troublemaking littering drunken types to other far flung places, most visiting anglers now have nothing but praise for what has been achieved.

We now have regular visiting anglers from afar such as Cheshire, Aberdeen and large numbers from the Newcastle area. New policies are continuously being developed as we work our way through the existing set up. We now have excellent relations with the local community having repaired the previously damaged relations, we look to involve and support the local community in any way that we can, starting off with a donation of £50.00 to the Cappercleuch Village Hall fund to be used in community events, and the involvement of the Glen Cafe and the Tibbie Shiels in our competition in May.

Much maintenance work has already been carried out and there is still much to do, we intend to re paint the boathouse when the summer arrives so if you can spare a few hours your help will be much appreciated. Let us know via the web or by phone if you are able to help. Piotr (Peter) our loch keeper knows no bounds with regard to getting stuck in to various projects and the feedback from visiting anglers and members has been hugely positive, we are greatly in his debt for all he does for us as a club! Our treasurer John Wright has kept us on the straight and narrow, resultantly the club is in a sound financial position, and the pointers to the future are all positive.

Our new secretary Alistair White is currently installing himself into the position and in addition to his secretarial duties will I am sure be educating us all with his knowledge of marine biology. Remember that this is your club and that your suggestions and involvement are highly valued so don't be shy tell us what you think!

Wishing you a successful season on the lochs,
Richard Plisga Club President
Note – if you have not done so already you should renew your subscription to the club immediately!

Wild Trout Competition

The final details regarding our wild trout competition are being finalised this week, the details of which will be circulated to all good fishing tackle shops shortly. Demand for entry tickets is expected to be high so if you want to enter you should register without delay to guarantee your place. Full details will be published next week.

Members News.

New member Bruce Taylor experienced a red letter day yesterday on St Mary's, not content with landing a fine 9lbs fish in the morning he then went on to do battle with and eventually subdue a super specimen of 15lbs 0oz as fat as a pig in the afternoon . This fish is a PB (personal best) for Bruce who tempted both fish with ledgered Smelt!

Well done Bruce! Here's hoping it's the first of many heavy doubles coming your way in the new season! I know it's still early days but it's the biggest fish out of the loch this year! Plastic Pike! Not for this angler, these were real wild Pike, now that's what I call an achievement, a lad prepared to put the time and effort in to catch a wild adversary in the time honoured fashion! Peerless!

Photo - Bruce's 15lbs wild Pike

Club membership

A few members have not yet renewed their subscriptions to the club; you are now on borrowed time! Please renew at your earliest convenience or you will be considered to have allowed your membership to lapse and no longer be a member of the club!

Next week – our wild Trout competition!

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