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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Angling Report November 2008

November has proved to be a difficult month as far as catching Pike is concerned, however some Pike have shown as follows – total Pike caught for the month is only a lowly eight. Three Pike between 6-8lbs three Pike between 8-10 lbs and two Pike between 10-14lbs.
The best bag falling to Fraser P who caught a 14lbs 2oz, an 11lbs 6oz and a 7lbs 10oz pound Pike in 6 hours at the dam. Well done Fraser! Many anglers reported runs that didn’t convert into Pike landed. No Perch or Eels were recorded for the month.

St Marys Loch looking towards the dam 07/12/2008

Looking to the future Part 3

We have in the two lochs some of the best fishing in the Borders for wild Brownies, Pike, Perch and Eels and now we have to come to a decision to preserve this.

We already have a limit on membership, and the number of day tickets that can be issued, but we need to ensure that the quality of membership is maintained when admitting new members.

We have in the past had a number of feckless individuals in membership, but thankfully they have moved on. With the membership now comprising of sound enthusiastic individuals it is our view that this would be a good time to move on to a membership selection scheme, where to have new members proposed and seconded by existing members would become the norm, the proposer and seconder assuming a degree of responsibility for the conduct of the proposed member.
The system would operate along the lines of prospective members fishing on a day ticket basis and when a vacancy became available the angler could be proposed and seconded for admission to the club. The decision of who to admit will fall to an as yet unconvened panel of members. This method of operation would allow us to quickly filter out the undesirables and select only enthusiastic and enquiring anglers who would be an asset rather than an embarrassment to the club.

It has been reported that Pike tagged Blue 3 has been dropped after being caught at the dam; she is one of the heavier fish in the loch (her heaviest recorded weight being 24lbs 13oz).

Although this was relayed to us by a reliable source it seems the story originates from an ex member of the club who is in fact barred from holding membership for an indefinite period and as such leads us to question the validity of the story.

The story mentions a visiting angler and his son as the culprits, however no catch return has been received mentioning this fish, and we have no record of a father and son having obtained permits to fish.

Would you brag to others if you had mistreated such a good specimen Pike?

If the story were true then this would be a monumental failure on the part of the angler and disciplinary measures would be initiated against him with a high possibility of his losing the privilege of fishing on the lochs.

Please visit the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain to get tips on how to handle Pike correctly.
We look forward to seeing Blue 3 again in the near future, she is a prolific winter feeder!

Tight lines!

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