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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Angling Report Aug 2009 and a reflective moment!

Photo Just me and a Dipper both drenched!

IMPORTANT - Permits and boats
People are still going to Henderland cottage to obtain permits and boats. This is no longer one of our outlets. All such activities should be directed to Peter our new loch keeper phone 01750423290 or 07907531605

PikeThis month saw good numbers of Pike caught albeit on the small side, most being in the 6-8lbs bracket. However two very good fish were recorded one ‘16lbs 11oz and the other @ 17lbs 13oz. Worthy of special note is the return from Fraser P and Steven H who spent a week fishing on St Mary’s and ended up with 19 Pike ranging from 4lbs to 12lbs 8oz., they also caught 55 Perch to 1lbs, 6 Eels with a 2 pounder topping the list. Two Trout were also caught and returned. He also lost a very heavy fish estimated to be a big twenty, and whilst landing a 6lbs Pike had a monster come and grab it but as per usual it let go. So the bigger ladies are starting to show. The figures were as follows 48 angler days giving fish as follows 16 – 18lbs 2 fish, 12 – 16lbs 3 fish, 10 – 12 lbs 11 fish, 8 – 10lbs 8 fish., 6 – 8lbs 15 fish and 4 – 6 lbs 9 fish.

Only 4 returns were received for Trout with 5 in the 1 – 1.5lbs bracket and 11 in the 8oz to 1lbs range. Our interim secretary Alistair W caught 6 Trout with the largest being 1lb 9oz with 2 around the 1lbs mark with the remainder being in the 8oz bracket. He was bank fishing with a heather fly and caught all the fish in a 2 hour period in the afternoon. The majority of fish were caught on fly.


Large numbers were recorded this month mainly due to the efforts of Fraser P. The heaviest being around the 1lbs mark, all were caught on worm or small blade spinner.

EelsAround a dozen eels were reported this month with the largest being a whopper of 4lbs 3oz caught by our resident Eel expert Charlie O. Most fell to ledgered Brandling worm

Catch Returns.There has been a drop in the numbers of returns submitted compared to angler days.. Anglers are reminded that catch returns are essential if our records are to be meaningful.

AcademicCongratulations to John W our treasurer who has just been accepted for a master’s degree in health science (palliative medicine).

Message to the Laird of Lochaber – Sorry I didn’t manage to nip down for a blether today, was too busy playing a 16lbs 5oz Pike, but heard on the grapevine that you managed two! Well done M’Lud!

To those who went before!
At 04.45hrs on the 1st of September 1939 an elderly German battle cruiser (Das Schleswig-Holstein) opened fire on the port of Danzig (Gdansk) in Poland, heralding the start of World War Two, later that day Europe was once again at war. Millions paid the ultimate price and countless more millions endured anguish and suffering beyond our comprehension. Not much to do with fishing you may say, but the freedom we enjoy today is because of the sacrifices of that generation, we owe them much, please remember them, R.I.P.


Anonymous said...
Nice tribute so many people forget!
Thank you, it is important that people do not forget.

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