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Sunday, 6 December 2009


Photo- the 1st settling tank 200yds up the hill.

We are currently assessing the state of our hatchery in the boathouse on St Mary's Loch in readiness for use towards September 2010. One of the most important factors is that of water supply to the rearing tanks. No one really knew where the water supply was drawn from and over the last few weeks much laborious detective work was carried out to locate the supply.

The initial installation carried out by members many years ago (1970s) was very well done. the supply system consists of several hundred metres of large bore (buried) pipe fed through two silt traps with the source being a year round hill burn giving a constant supply of Ph acceptable (Ph 6.6) currently running into the first tank at 8 degrees centigrade. We will monitor flow Ph and temperature on a weekly basis to establish a baseline for the future.

The supply yesterday however had all but ceased and on investigation showed the hill burn had no doubt due to the heavy downpours of late, changed its course taking an easier straight route down the hill bypassing our system. The initial water collection point is working but will require to be excavated and refashioned in the next few weeks.

A couple of hours with a spade brought the flow back and judging by the force of the water the burn has probably been bypassing our catchment system for a number of years. It is obvious that a regulating system (a tap) will now be required to moderate the flow in very wet situations. Much work replacing brittle exhaust pipe work is also required to be carried out.

In conjunction with this we have heaters under all the tanks to prevent potential freezing, but until we can either get our old Perkins diesel generator working or cut into the system with our mobile generator we cannot determine the status of the heaters. So if any of the members are electricians or plumbers and could spare a couple of hours please get in touch.

Membership/Season tickets

Members renewing their subscriptions should ensure that cheques are made payable to St Mary's Angling club and not a named individual and sent to

John Wright 8 Castle Place Dunbar EH42 1JD.

Real Angler

Was speaking with Richard B today one of our members from Morpeth. Conditions were not great and nothing to the net when I spoke with him. But there was no disappointment in his voice, rather the determination and confidence of a real angler after his wild quarry.

How satisfying, the easy "plastic" Pike scenario that beckons those of limited stature never entered the conversation, a man who has countless heavy Pike under his belt but makes no claim to stardom. Like so many of our members a contented angler prepared for the long haul with any capture being a bonus.

This is the mark of a real angler!

Another real life tackle review from Eddie.

Hi folks,

I'm not the kind of angler who has to have two or three identical rod and reel set ups, when I need to replace my gear I tend to buy what I can afford at the time. Sometimes this means choosing from a budget range or pushing the boat out a bit, but with all the tackle companies out there you can normally find what you're looking for.

A couple of years back I was looking to replace a rod and reel set up and since this was a time when people had never heard the words credit crunch I decided to push the boat out.

As a regular reader of Pike & Predator magazine I often came across an ad for Dave Lumb Specialist Tackle, the ad offers built to order Pike rods in various lengths, test curves and finishes.

I was looking for a long range outfit so I ordered the Bait Blaster 1; this is a 12ft rod with a 3.5lb test curve and built on an unground Harrison blank. You can really load up on the cast and punch big baits and leads a long way or into a head wind, but what was surprising to me was it can cope with the last gasp surges Pike often make right under the rod tip without bumping them off, this shows what a good blank this is, it's also fitted with top quality Fuji reel seat and rings. This rod costs £120 which is for the standard model but you can get different fittings and handle for more money, check out Dave Lumb Specialist Tackle for the complete range

I teamed my rod up with a Shimano Biomaster big pit reel; this has a large spool capable of holding a lot of line and when spooled up properly gives you the ability to cast greater distances. The reel has a very good front drag and large handle, this helps when playing fish at long range. This reel costs about 80 to 90 pounds from most tackle stores, making the whole outfit about £200, but i think it's a good well balanced long range set up (Eddie I).

Well thanks again Eddie really enjoyed the review.

Bed chair

To the 3 lads from the Carluke area fishing at the top of St Mary's today, you will have noticed by now you do not have your Bison bed chair! I found it this afternoon and if you contact Peter you can reclaim it at your leisure.

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