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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Angling Report September 2008

The relentless wet weather continues many people said that last year’s weather would take some beating; this year wins hands down for wet weather!

The pink footed Geese have been spotted in significant numbers this week, a sure sign autumn is here. Has summer actually been?


The largest trout reported this month is a modest specimen of 1lb 2oz which fell to a regular day ticket visitor from Edinburgh. To complete his bag he added 2 smaller trout all being taken on buzzers fishing around the Meggat area. The actual numbers of trout fishermen on the lochs this month has been low no doubt due to the appalling weather. Bait anglers accounted for a further 3 trout and the tally must be seen as being very poor in a month when trout are feeding heavily in preparation for spawning. The Trout season ends at midnight tonight for 2008 and will reopen on the 15th of March 2009.

Perch & Eels

Only one Perch has been reported this month(weight unknown). Eels continue to be caught by Pike anglers using fleshy baits with the majority being in the 1 – 2lb bracket, most were returned. See the photo below to see how an Eel can strip a fresh mackerel in around 20 minutes.

The remains of a whole Mackerel after eel attack.

PikeThe heaviest Pike caught this month belongs to Pete with a super 14lbs 10oz specimen (see below). Nine Pike were recorded over ten pounds, three Pike between eight and ten pounds and three between six and eight pounds. Best bag for the month with five Pike fell to yours truly. The number of Pike anglers for this month remains low. Again the catches are down on previous years but that’s fishing, of note is that the fish are in excellent condition.

Pete with his latest catch @ 14lbs 10oz.

UpdateThe trio of Geordies who spent a couple of days on St Marys kindly left a catch return and in all they caught a six and an eight pounds Pike, two Brown Trout and a Perch (all fish were returned). The 8lbs Pike had a wire trace in its mouth which they removed (thank you), and they left a comment stating that all the fish were in excellent condition.
Cheers lads you are exactly the kind of anglers we are seeking to attract, please come back any time you like a warm welcome awaits you.

These anglers spent 2 days at the lochs and after they left there was no trace of them ever having been there, if only all anglers were like this!

BoatsThe boats having done their stint for 2008 are now back in the boathouse for the winter. They will all be subject to routine checks and any defects repaired prior to coming out for the new season in 2009.
The club extends grateful thanks to Brian, Pete, Scott and Big Al for supplying the required manpower to move the boats inside and to Harry and Isabel for organising the entire event.

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