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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Angling Report June 2009

Again as last month the fishing continues to throw up good catches of all species. This month saw an increase in the number of Pike anglers, and a decrease in the number of Trout anglers.

PikeSome very nice bags of Pike recorded this month with 5 Pike per session being recorded by two anglers. Numerous reports of multiple catches were received. The breakdown is as follows – 37 Pike between 4 and 6lbs, 32 Pike between 6 and 10lbs, and 11 Pike between 10 and 16lbs, again numerous runs which did not translate into Pike landed were recorded.
The biggest recorded Pike of the month fell to an angler from Hawick which tipped the scales at 15lbs 13oz and was recorded as being in good condition. The biggest bag per session accolade was shared between me and Dave P from Edinburgh with 5 Pike each. Well done Dave!
Many of the Pike recorded were male fish that are known to us through our tagging project, and many fish were battered and bruised following the rigours of the spawning ritual.

TroutTrout recorded were as follows 14 Trout in 8 – 12oz bracket, 8 Trout between 12 and 16oz, and 6 Trout between 16 and 24oz. Elliot F from Glasgow took the heavy Trout and biggest bag with a Trout of 24oz and a bag of three good fish. Well done mate!

PerchNumerous bags of Perch were recorded all between 5 and 12oz with the majority caught from the Loch o the Lowes at the Cafe Green.

EelsMany eels up to 1lb in weight were recorded with the majority being caught on ledgered worm and Maggot, closely followed by “nuisance” bites to Pike anglers using soft fleshed baits. Of note on the Eel front is a specimen of 3lbs caught by Les H which was safely returned to the loch. Not the biggest ever caught, the best recorded (in the last 2 years) being one of 3lbs 6oz which fell to John W in the summer in 2008, (did we have a summer in 2008?).

More Decent Anglers !
Stopped for a blether on Saturday evening with a group of visitors who hail from Ormiston. They have visited previously and were back to sample the range of fish in the loch.
The anglers were Kevin and Alex C, James K, and first timer George “Jod” F and when I arrived had already caught a 12lbs Pike which had been kind enough to do the St Mary’s tail walk for them providing a visual feast on top of the legendary hard fight so common amongst the wild St Mary’s loch fish. Not for them the dreary impersonation of a bag of wet sand so often the case with Pike caught from Plastic Pike fisheries! They had also caught some Eels and Perch

A barbecue along with a few beers, some great camaraderie, a variety of hard fighting wild fish, beautiful surroundings what more could you ask for? They also had their customary black bag for the cleanup operation leaving no trace of anyone having been there.
Similarly I met with 4 anglers from Larkhall who were having a great time broken only by having to land fish, now there’s a hardship! One of the group Davy trounced all his comrades by landing three very nice doubles (see Gallery) only Colin managed to temper his runaway win by landing a 9lbs Pike which decided to devour his Mepps spinner. He also landed a nice Perch. The other two lads didn’t have any luck at all when I left. Don’t worry lads (sorry I forgot your names) every dog has his day and revenge when it comes is sweet! One of the group Davy, made a comment about the Pike being the liveliest and hardest fighting Pike he has encountered , aye you are spot on there ma man!.
Two separate groups of anglers, all enjoying themselves, both content to comply with our rules, and leaving the bank as they found it.
Well done guys come back anytime you are most welcome!
A model for all visitors, it is worth repeating that this type of visitor is now the norm - the Muppets of old have been banished!

WARNINGThe dreaded midges were out with massive intent yesterday morning, these minute horrors can spoil your day in short order, please carry and apply some type of repellent such as “schoo” or “skin so soft “(both readily available online) and better still get a net such as the type shown here and combine the two for ultimate protection.

Tight lines!

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