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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Angling report September 2009. Club AGM and a couple of champions!

This month sees the close of the 2009 season for Brown Trout and the start of the Pike period when most anglers target the species. The Perch and the Eels also become less evident in anglers catch returns at this time.

PIKEThis month saw the appearance of a number of good fish and a decrease in the number of jacks recorded. Quite a number of anglers blanked in pursuit of the Pike whilst others were gifted with two or three in a session. What’s the answer? I’m afraid I don’t have the answer but as always it would appear to be a case of being in the right place at the right time! Recorded Pike were as follows - above 17lbs one fish, 14 – 16lbs 4 fish, 10- 14lbs 8 fish, 8 – 10lbs 13 fish, 6 – 8lbs 4 fish, no fish were recorded below 6lbs! Angler days were recorded as 42 for the month. Best Pike of the month - 17lbs 4oz caught by a visiting angler from Edinburgh.
TroutTraditionally this is when the bigger Trout make an appearance and true to form a number of heavier Trout were recorded, but due to low angler numbers the number of recorded Trout was low. The recorded Trout were as follows 1 – 1lb 10oz 4 fish, 12oz – 1lbs 6 fish and 8oz – 12 oz 3 fish. Angler days were recorded as being 8 for the month. Best trout for the month 1lbs 10oz caught by our very own Elliot F.
Perch and Eels
No dedicated fishing appears to have taken place for these species this month 23 Perch and 6 Eels were recorded by anglers fishing for other species.
Guns on the loch!Incredible as it may seem a number of youths were detected with what turns out to be an airgun on Sunday! They came to our attention having been spotted down at the “graveyard” swim with their vehicles. This is an illegal act in itself as they were more than 15yds from a public road onto private land!
The police were called due to the weapon being involved and whilst the miscreants had bolted by the time the police appeared they were traced from their vehicle registration numbers later that evening. The police phoned on Monday to see if we wanted to prefer charges with regard to being on private ground unlawfully and being in a public place with a weapon when they had no permission to be there!
After some discussion with the loch keeper we decided not to prefer charges due to the time involved in attending court etc and that the miscreants were suitably remorseful. We asked the police to impress upon these individuals that they must not return to the lochs and that any further transgression of the law will result in automatic prosecution irrespective of how sorry the perpetrators were!
The police were happy to do this for us on this occasion, but please be aware that anyone spotted with a gun of any description will be reported to the police! Similarly anyone with a vehicle down at the graveyard swim will also be reported. Act in a proper fashion and you have nothing to fear, act like a Muppet and you will be brought to book!
ChampionsWas speaking to Viv B from Sunhope yesterday, the proprietor of Tweedhope sheep dogs on the banks of St Mary’s loch.. She had in the van a gleaming trophy which she and her dog had just won in the sheepdog trials to add to the many she already has, well done Viv! Without a doubt she is a dog trainer of the highest calibre. We gave her a large bag of apples for her horse Arrabella, mentioned in previous posts much to the delight of both owner and pony! Of note for anglers Viv also does bed and breakfast at a very reasonable cost. Click the link above to find out more.
Les H one of our members appeared on these pages around this time last year having won the Gala angling clubs outing competition. Well he’s done it again today winning the competition at Kailzie pond with two hefty Rainbow Trout one at 6lbs 4oz the other at 3lbs 6oz which was enough to lift the trophy for the second year running.
Congratulations and well done mate! I am going to copy the above text and just paste it in for next year to save me having to type it out again.
The club AGM will be held in the Tibbie Shiels Inn commencing at 7.00pm on Wednesday the 28th of October. Any member having any relevant issues should e mail us in the first instance. Letters will be issued to all members shortly.
Tackle dealers
We have received three nominations for tackle dealers to be visited, one from Galashiels, one from Edinburgh and one from Glasgow. Unfortunately Glasgow is out with the range that our anglers will travel to view/buy tackle and so the shop will not feature in our articles. We will enter the articles once the shops have been visited. Thanks to the lads for the nominations.
Till the next time Tight Lines!

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