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Angling Report March 2010

Photo - Les fitting the containing panels for the flotation foam.
Angling Report.
Finicky, difficult, desperate just some of the adjectives used this month as blank after blank visits anticipating anglers. No doubt the weather has compounded the lack of activity, but this month has always been a difficult one on the lochs. The water temperature is up to seven degrees so one of the triggers for the spawning ritual is not too far away.
Pike have been caught mostly on the baby loch (The Lowes) with a good number of jacks up to eight pounds caught. St Mary's has yielded only a few small fish in keeping with the figures for this time of year. However the "real" anglers we are now attracting have no complaints a sack full of "plastic" Pike is of no interest to them. Yes there is so much going on around the calm and reflective angler at this time of year it is an absolute joy to be out and at one with nature. This is the time when the flora and fauna reinvents itself and everywhere you look there are signs of new life, so in effect a blank is not a wasted day it is a day of wonder when the annual cycle of replenishment takes place. Irrespective of what is happening on the end of the line relax and enjoy the spectacle, three score and ten is not a long time as we will all find out!
No Perch or Eels were caught and only 3 Trout which were returned and all were around the 12oz mark. Interestingly the fish were said to be in average condition given the harsh winter which is still with us!
Arctic Charr
Professor Colin Adams of Glasgow University was in touch this week with the good news that the project is now fully funded, planned and ready to proceed subject to the legalities such as permission from the Crown Estates for the setting of gill nets in salmon holding waters. He however assures me that these are formalities and the investigations are planned for the 3rd week in May or the 3rd week in June. The Megget will initially be scanned and gill netted to ascertain if the introduction of Charr fry in 1986 has been successful. Then St Mary's will then be scanned and gill netted to see what lurks in the two deep basins of the loch.
Any member who would like to assist in the process should get in touch. We have extended our offer of assistance to Professor Adams and his team on the Megget project as well as our own. The actual dates will be made known as soon as I am made aware of them.
Lowes boat
Photo - Two layers of 900gm fibreglass seals the chambers.
Work is progressing to schedule with the boat with our resident joiner Les H giving up a day of his free time to make the containing structures to hold the flotation foam front rear and centre. I will carry out the Glass fibre work later in the week, which then leaves the cosmetics on the new structures. Hopefully she will be in her new home on the Lowes in the next two weeks.
Arran Boats
Much has been going on this week re the above and we can now announce that we are the proud owners of two Arran 16ft boats widely regarded as one of the most stable craft on the market today by independent review. They are of very robust construction and are rated as sea boats such is their stability. With client safety paramount in our aims they are a most worthy craft! The cuddy is removable by the use of 5 quick release clips and they are equipped with built in flotation chambers and bilge pump. One is currently named Saucy Sue (photo below) but we may have to ponder on that one! Thanks to John W and Les H for their hard work on this project as they say we would never have made it without you!
Photo - Saucy Sue one of the two Arrans we have accquired.

Gala Angling Association Reciprocal Arrangement.
We are indebted to Les H who has pioneered this agreement which allows any member of St Marys angling club to fish the Gala Association waters on obtaining the reciprocal permits (We have two). The permits can be obtained by contacting Les direct on 01896 757847 or by applying online to stmarysloch@gmail.com . Similarly any member of the Gala AA can obtain our permits from J&A Turnbull Bank Street Galashiels.
Good solid blokes!
Often as a club we find ourselves looking for a particular tradesman not represented in our membership. So it was with the essential plumbing required for our hatchery. Plumbers require monopoly amounts of money just to view a job!
Enter Jimbo and Dougie two of our regular visitors from Carluke, they viewed the job and the next week carried it out to a very high standard, job done! Payment, they wouldn't hear of it. We however insisted and we reached a mutually agreeable point. We are delighted, they are also very happy and along with Ian another of the crew they have agreed to further improve our amenities. Lads we are in your debt anglers such as you are always welcome here.
Swan Saga
The Swan mentioned a couple of weeks ago was again noticed in a state of distress by two of the locals. So concerned were they that they took it to a nearby vet. The word is that the outlook is not good but I will keep you informed.
Happy Easter to all and tight lines!

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