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Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Fallout, Two tales of excellence!

Well last week’s post was almost the most popular so far just falling short of the record article “Plastic Pike” with only 15 less readers and a good deal of comment it’s just a pity the subject was so negative. What I found particularly disturbing was the care less attitude displayed by some of the posters. I mean who do these people think they are? They come on to the property of others and then proceed to do exactly as they want and then have the temerity to tell us how to run our fishery! Oh I think when I wake up at 03.00hrs I will just toddle off to St Mary’s Loch, oh no you won’t! They think a fishery should be run to please them -well think again!

We will make this fishery Muppet free and create a climate for decent thinking anglers to come and enjoy a days fishing doing whatever it takes to make it so!

It won’t do, these people are a scourge on decent anglers and have to be removed from the angling scene by whatever means possible, this is an example of staggering arrogance, these practitioners of advanced Muppetry have no place in modern angling! It is up to decent angling clubs everywhere to single out and get rid of them!

They do not seem to get it at all, when you come to our lochs you are guests of our club, you do as our rules dictate or you leave, its that simple!
The most frightening thing is their inability to perceive any wrongdoing! This does not bode well for the future of angling! We receive the gift of the fishing from various Riparian owners and in return we have certain requirements to carry out. Ensuring no anglers fish without a permit is one of the priorities!

One poster suggested we wake up and change our attitude, well here’s the lowdown mate whoever you are. We are going to wake up and change our attitude – we are going to redouble our efforts to weed your kind out for the sake of angling everywhere, we get large numbers of decent visitors, types such as yourself are surplus to requirements! And in reply to the group highlighted in last weeks article - we held back from sending the article complete with all correspondence to the Angling Times/Anglers Mail as a favour to your peers to avoid them having to suffer major embarrassment by being loosely associated with your group, be very aware, we will not do so again!And to the ex members and supposed club member (more like the green eyed monster squad!) who were “concerned” about us losing revenue and members, eat your hearts out! We are well on course for this to be the most profitable year in the clubs history! Just wait for the year-end reports.

Send us farcical/bizarre letters or blatantly break our rules and you will be guest of honour on here!
Many of our members have to finish their sessions early in order to go and clean up after the feckless individuals who leave behind all sorts of rubbish, Monday will almost certainly guarantee a mess with barbecues appearing everywhere today. Please take your rubbish home its lighter on the way back!

I considered myself fortunate to meet up with Bobby and Pete (aka Jack and Victor off the TV) today who travelled down from Glasgow and Edinburgh, to fish tonight and tomorrow for the Brownies. They got a little lost and our secretary Isabel went to meet them and took them to the lochs and showed them where to park their caravan. We go out of our way to assist decent anglers!

They had read last week’s article and believe you me the term Muppets did not cut it, they vehemently abhor the repugnant behaviour and views outlined in the article last week. And yes they are members of the “Black Bag Gang”, to their credit they go and pick up other peoples rubbish!
A pair of true and honest anglers in the mould of old Izaak himself, oh but if only all visitors could be like them! Our requirements were more than acceptable to them and in fact they construed our rules as being no more than common courtesy, and their view – bar the lot of them!

We applaud you gents and hope you were able to bag a little sport, enjoy the scenery and then treat yourselves to a little light refreshment after the intense heat today, come back anytime you are most welcome it was a pleasure to meet you!

On another level I met up with John W (our treasurer) on Thursday who was fishing over at Bowerhope (with the relevant permission) with a friend Jim (not his real name).
Now Jim is a young man who tragically is chronically sick with various serious maladies and confined to a wheelchair with limited movement. In happier days Jim was a keen fisherman but due to his medical condition has not fished for years, and although the endless long days in hospital are to some extent relieved with the odd chat to overworked staff, and reading angling magazines his day to day life in hospital is understandably less than enthralling. Well John asked Jim if he fancied a day at the lochs and his eyes lit up and in no time the logistics were worked out and they duly arrived at the lochs.

It was not without some degree of trepidation that I went over to meet them to see how they were doing, well the two of them were having a absolute ball exchanging stories of old interspersed with great outdoor cooking, pleasant weather, terrific scenery and much anticipation of what might lie ahead!

Strange how some situations can humble you in seconds, there was Jim with severe illness and no compelling reason to be joyful, laughing, carrying on, and showing a verve and enthusiasm often not seen in able-bodied anglers having the very best time. It turns out that the expected finish time of around five had to be postponed as Jim insisted they stay longer and further savour the angling atmosphere knowing full well that it could be his last visit.

The outing regretfully had to end at nine and no fish were caught but the occasional pull from jittery Eels throughout the day wound them both up like a clock and kept them on the edge of their seats until the next bite.
A few photos were taken; I took one of them both laughing like a pair of old pals, which now sits proudly on Jim’s bedside locker as a memento of a day not to be forgotten!

There are two heroes in this tale, John who gave up his day willingly to care for his charge and see to his every need, an action above and beyond the call of duty, it’s always easier to leave it to someone else, and Jim himself who in spite of extreme adversity showed copious amounts of inspirational courage and a selfless attitude which serves as an example to us all!

I must confess to writing this with a lump in my throat, Jim is not one who lies down and accepts whatever comes to him. He is a fighter and wants to come back in August for another bash at the fishing, we would like nothing better than to have you back mate, our thoughts and good wishes are with you!
Hang in there ma man!

If you have a disabled pal who would like to come and fish give us a call and we will do all we can to assist.
Angling at our peaceful lochs can be very therapeutic.

Next week Angling Report for May – The Pike are back in numbers and good Trout abound, plus the story of "Matilda's" latest capture.


John W said...
Hi Dick,
Just put a word of thanks to yourself Harry and Isobel for helping to organise Jims day out without their help identifying and enabling us to get permission to fish an accessible spot it would not have been possible.
Hello John, on behalf of Harry Isabel and myself - Thank You! I have passed on your comment to Harry and Isabel, they like me very much admire what you have done for jim, it's things like this that can make such a difference to the quality of living for these people. It's also great to wite about something positive and you don't get much more rewarding than that which you have done! RESPECT from all the committee!

Will John or James who keeps writing in please call our contact number!
Helen said...
"Practioners of Advanced muppetry" LOL do you think universities may in the future award degrees such as a Bsc in Muppetry!
Hello Helen, I would think it unlikely, but never say never! Who knows perhaps one day you will take up angling!
John Skopiak said...
Hello Esox,
I'm from Sydney Australia, and can recollect being in a similar position a few years back. We decided on a similar stance to that you have taken. We were of the opinion that if no action is taken it will be seen as reinforcement to the "Muppets" to continue with their errant ways. You are obviously aware of this shown by your resolute stand.
Let me tell you it took us 18months but we got there we have only responsible anglers in our club and our visitors are of the hjghest standard. Stand firm it's tough to begin with but you will end up with a club filled with the highest standard of members and visitors. Eventually these "Muppets" will drift to a place where they will all be together a fishery out of bounds to all righteous anglers - the way it should be.
I will be following your progress and would say continue with your quest you and your members know it is the right thing to do.
Hello John nice to hear from you down under. Your comments are reassuring because at times it does seem futile. We have a load of new signs going up tomorrow which will make it easier to police the lochs because everyone will now pass one of these on their way to the bank. Disappointed to hear you have these types down under but it's good that you have chased them. Please keep tabs on the site and chip in if you want. We will not be deflected from our goal!

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