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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Angling report January 2010

This month's report is really a ten day one, for although St Mary's has remained open when all other minor ponds in the region have frozen over; access to the lochs was not possible in the first two weeks in the New Year. So severe was the freezing that our baby loch froze over completely to an extent that hang glider pilots chose to land on it and a few brave (foolhardy) individuals walked over it! It does not bear thinking about the consequences if one of these individuals fell through the ice! It is a most reckless activity that could have a tragic outcome!
The only species being fished for at this time of year is Pike and even although the water is extremely cold a few have been caught. St Mary's has yielded a 14lbs, 12lbs, 2 x 8lbs, a 5lbs and a 4lbs fish. The Lowes has also given up 9 Pike from 4 -8lbs. One of our members Brian M has wiped the floor with everyone bagging 4 fish from 2 visits. Well done mate! Both of the lochs are fully open.

Late News – a visiting angler from Airdrie who arrived last night and fished overnight on the Lowes was rewarded with a fine 14lbs 7oz and 6lbs 8oz Pike for his efforts. Minus 6 overnight but then if angling was easy no one would do it! Well done mate see you in March!
Where we are!
We have come a long way in the last couple of years in terms of managing the fishing, the clientele, and the way we operate. No longer do we have to suffer the relentless onslaught of Muppets practicing their craft on our lochs. We have weeded them out and now have a fishery where one can bring their families if they so wish without fear of being subject to bawdy behaviour and unbridled fecklessness!
However I have always been a believer in the concept that self praise is no honour, so we asked our visiting anglers for their views. Informal surveying has confirmed what our eyes have told us that indeed Neds and Ninnys are on the road out. Now we are going to follow this up with a formal statistically viable retrospective survey to confirm or not the fact that we have moved forward. This will take place over a protracted period of time commencing in the next few months as time allows. So if you are given a questionnaire please take a few moments to fill it out honestly, your views will allow us to improve on any areas deemed deficient as highlighted by your completed return.
Catch Returns
Some anglers are still not submitting returns. Such returns are essential to give us an overview of how the lochs are fishing. You may submit a return by posting it into the returns box on the boathouse, verbally to a committee member/loch keeper by phone or text to 07980350031, by e mail to stmarysloch@gmail.com so there you go it's really quite easy so please submit a return.

Exemplary club members

I received an e mail from Kev F today offering the use of his boat trailer if we find ourselves having to pick up a boat when our search commences for a new addition to the "fleet". Kev along with a few others also offered to help out with the acoustic scanning in the search for Arctic Charr.
Now this is what I call a club with members offering assistance with anything that they can. Cheers Kev your offer is greatly appreciated we will be in touch, thanks mate!

Carluke Comrades
To the two lads in the Mazda 323 -good to see you again, bring the rest of the squad next time you come, heard you blanked, join the club lads! Oh and drop me a mail before you come I will place a bulk order for thinners, LOL as they say! NASDROVIA!!

Adventurous Individuals or Muppets?
A couple of lads recently arrived and made moves to hire one of our boats. I brought their lifejackets out since they did not have their own and they promptly retorted "no thanks mate"! I explained that wearing of a lifejacket is compulsory and may well be the factor that could save their lives in the event of an accident whilst afloat. Still they refused to wear the jackets. The outcome? They had to bank fish!
You would have thought we had asked them to wear Lead vests and boots. Bottom line is this – If you want to hire a boat on the lochs you will wear a lifejacket be it yours or ours,
no lifejacket no boat!
So there it is, its not negotiable YOU MUST WEAR A LIFEJACKET!

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