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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Angling Report August 2008

St Marys loch Photo courtesy of John

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many angling reports on the lochs, these will be monthly to start with and may increase in frequency if demand dictates.

August this year has not proved to be a great fishing month at the lochs, one wonders if the inclement weather which has been affecting us all is having a detrimental effect on the fish. Water temperature has fluctuated throughout the month and barometric pressure has also moved up and down whilst predominantly staying in the low pressure region.


Whilst August usually leads to good hatches of fly life and consequently rising Trout, this year both of these have largely been missing. That is not to say that no trout have been caught they have been, but usually on submerged lines and not in numbers.

September at the lochs usually gives up a good few trout with many over a pound in weight as they pack in as much feeding as they can prior to spawning but we will just have to wait and see what transpires, its been that kind of year!


The Pike fishing has also largely been subdued interspersed with occasional good days, my own experience has been poor with a 15lbs 4oz pike my heaviest for the month, and a couple of single figure pike.

The best bag fell to John from Dunbar with 4 pike - a fourteen, a ten ,and two fish around the 8lbs mark and a couple of lost fish. Les who fishes the Rodono stretch managed a 15lbs 9oz best for the month with 3 smaller fish and 3 lost fish. Alistair from Hawick caught a very nice 14 pounder on a lure (have a look at the gallery to see it), along with a few smaller ones. So whilst the fishing has been slow there have been some good catches.

Perch & Eels

A few Perch have been reported caught mainly by anglers seeking Trout the largest reported to be around a pound, all were returned.

A number of Eels have been caught, one of our members Fraser caught around a dozen whilst bait fishing on a two day stint, and a large Eel and several smaller ones fell to Alistair on an overnighter all were returned. If you catch a nice one snap it with your phone and send it to us and we will get it published, there are some large Eels out there!

If you would like your catch publicised please leave details of your catch in the pike tagging return box at the boat house, by texting or phoning 07980350031, by sending details to or by passing information on to Harry or Isabel at Henderland Cottage.

On a sour note one of our members came across set lines at the head of the loch o the lowes, this is a worrying development and anglers should remove these report the finding to the loch keeper and if possible keep a watch on the area to see if anyone appears. It goes without saying that any member using set lines will be barred from holding membership and the matter will be reported to the relevant authorities.

With regard to Polish visitors we have some signs translated into Polish but a few more will be needed to convey the required message. It must be stated however that we have many Polish visitors who behave impeccably and it is only a small minority who cause problems.
There will be a few changes coming soon which will require a degree of input from all members so watch this space as they say.

For September lets hope the weather improves and the fishing with it.

Tight Lines!

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