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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Looking to the future Part 2

Traditionally angling clubs in the Borders have operated on the basis of minimal member participation, the majority of the bread and butter tasks that keep an angling club going, falling to members of the committee. Whilst there is certain logic in this arrangement as it was often found that the members of the committee were ordinary anglers who felt that little bit more passionate about their sport, and sought deeper involvement in order to ensure and improve the facilities afforded them it does exclude ordinary members who are interested in the wider sphere of angling.
This modus operandi is a reasonable and understandable arrangement in larger clubs as the number of committee members would be proportionally bigger and the issues of the day could be shared more equitably among the committee.
Currently there are many pressure groups placing angling in the spotlight, therefore it is imperative that we collate a diversity of views to forge a united and consensual way forward.

Iced up lines 30/11/2008 St Mary's Loch.

We however are a small club and it has been the case that much of the mundane work required to keep the club going has fallen to members of the committee.

We would like to change this philosophy to involve all members of the club in the various activities required for the day to day running and decision making in the club.

This blog will play an important role in the dissemination of information to members. Using this method obviates the use of large amounts of paper and keeps down costs. Whilst some members may not be au fait with computer usage in many cases this is simply an access failure, and now that libraries in the region are offering access this will open up the wonders of the web to many more people. The club notice board at the boathouse will also be utilised more fully but due to space constraints will be limited to a summary of important points.

However we will produce paper copies of important information to any member requesting such arrangements. We would very much like members to get in touch (by any means) to air any views/concerns/suggestions pertinent to the club. (Remember it’s your club!)
But please do not just submit bland statements, but give your reasons as to why you would like your suggestion acted on, that way a reasoned decision could be reached after consultation with the membership.
Involvement of members would also allow the workload to be spread more evenly easing the burden on the currently active members. There are currently around 10 members who seem to appear time after time when work needs to be carried out. The main work item on a yearly basis is that of launching the boats in April and removing them in October. It really would be nice to see some new faces for the work parties.

It is our intention when admitting new members to make active participation a condition of membership. Such an arrangement is commonplace in English angling clubs and there is no reason why it should not be here.
We see no future in the club for those who moan and whine behind the scenes and do nothing to further the aims of the membership!

Member involvement is crucial so let’s hear what you think about the current situation in angling and pass on your views as to where you think the club is going or should be going,
(Next up - member selection to be continued next time).

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