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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Winter arrangements for Pike fishing and news items.

On the 1st of October 2009 our new arrangements for Pike fishing will take effect. The arrangements have been implemented to allow Pike fishermen to deploy a greater variety of methods in pursuit of their quarry than was previously the case.

The main points of the new arrangements are that boats will now be available over the winter period. It is hoped that 3 boats will be available but this will subject to end of season assessment as to whether or not work is required to be carried out. What the arrangements mean for anglers is that lure fishing/trolling/wobbling can now take place. The new arrangements will be applicable to the area from 100yards up from the Megget burn entrance to the loch directly across to the wooden sculptures and upwards to the top of the loch. (Please see map below).

Within this area the above methods will be allowed with Lures/baits over 5 inches in length. Anglers must comply religiously with this directive! The reason for the restriction is to minimise the accidental hooking of migratory fish Salmon and Sea Trout.
We cannot stress too strongly that if such a fish (Salmon/Sea Trout/Brown Trout out of season) is accidentally hooked it must be returned safely to the loch to allow it to complete the spawning process. Any angler found in possession of such a fish, or a Brown Trout out of season will be reported to the River Tweed Bailiffs who will without question take further action. The offending angler will also be barred from fishing on the lochs!
If such a fish is hooked and safely returned this should be indicated on your catch return for our statistical analysis. It follows that no such Lure fishing may take place below the mouth of the Megget or the wooden Sculptures. Please abide strictly to these regulations! The dark shaded area is where winter lure fishing may take place.

Pike Fishing
We have received a report of three young men having caught and taken a low double figure Pike midweek to eat/show off to their friends! Under no circumstances are anglers allowed to take any Pike from the lochs doing so will lead to all anglers concerned being barred from the lochs! ALL PIKE MUST BE RETURNED TO THE LOCHS UNHARMED!
Investigations into these allegations are ongoing and if substantiated will lead to the offending anglers being barred from fishing on the lochs.

Loch keeper – Peter has already started on the many improvements he has in mind with all the grass around the boathouse area being strimmed and all general rubbish burned. Already the place looks much better. There is much planned to improve the access for anglers in this area and work will be ongoing over the winter period. It is refreshing to see however how quickly he has taken to the post and the impression from anglers is positive in the extreme!

Abandoned boat
Unfortunately yet another boat was abandoned this week due to the rapid build up of wind speed later in the day. Again the anglers did the correct thing in heading for the shore. They left a note for Peter giving the approximate location of the boat. It was however the next day when operations to locate and return the boat were commenced and at first it could not be located. Somehow the boat had completely filled with water and was not visible through binoculars and only after much searching was it found. Again the changing nature of the loch shows just how careful one needs to be when boating on the lochs, always think safety first!

Catch Returns
Unfortunately after a good start these have started to decline. All anglers are reminded that they must submit returns for our records to be kept up to date! You can submit a return by posting them at the boathouse in the tag return box, which is situated on the notice board, give them to Peter our Loch keeper, E Mail them to- or text them to 07980350031, it only takes a few minutes.

Penny Bun
Late Summer/Autumn is the time that many edible inedible and poisonous mushrooms appear in great numbers around the lochs. A favourite among hunters of fungi is the Penny Bun or Cep (Boletus Edulis) with a distinctive bulbous stem. It is a most delicious fungus, much superior to the bland white mushroom that abounds in supermarkets today. There are however many similar Boletus ranging from tasteless to highly peppered, and hunters should only pick these fungi if they are sure of correctly identifying the species. Beware of many Fly Agaric toadstools (The Red ones with white flecks often seen in comics etc) that are now deceptively white!

With regard to last weeks article I received a book through the post from a country user entitled “The Scottish Outdoor Access Code”. Referring to the dimwits mentioned in the article, they were actually committing a criminal offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Section 34) in which it is an offence to park vehicles more than 15yards from a public road on private ground! If there is a next time there will be no messing around you have been warned!

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