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Angling report April 09

April has been a month of mixed weather and mixed sport on the angling front. The Pike fishing has been largely subdued due to the annual period when reproduction of the species is uppermost on the Pikes agenda. Pike were noted rolling at the top of the Lowes by the keeper on Friday so the process is still ongoing.

Only 5 Pike were recorded this month the largest being 10lbs the rest between 4 and 6lbs. Two further Pike were recorded from the Loch o the Lowes at approx 5lbs each. One can only hope that as often happens there is a feasting following the ritual!

However as the real fishermen know, if catching fish was easy it would be a pointless exercise! (See earlier articles on “Plastic” Pike fisheries).

The Trout in contrast have been showing and being caught in good numbers, 4 Trout were noted over the 1lb mark, 6 between 12 oz and a pound, and 15 between 8oz and 12oz, a number of the Trout were returned to fight another day. Traditional straps of wet flys fished on an intermediate line seem to do well.

Perch & Eels

Four Perch were caught in the last week the largest being 12oz which is a good sign as we often have a good few families visiting in the warmer months and they often provide good sport. No eels have been recorded as yet.

MatildaI have received photos of the 8lbs fish that was caught a couple of weeks back and the word from the captor is that the tell tale gash on her flank confirms this was Matilda. Undoubtedly caught after a heavy feasting session, tipping the scales to 8lbs. The visiting angler Keith M from Roseberry is to be commended on returning her to the loch to fight another day. I haven’t had time to scan the photos yet but a photo will appear next week. To the best of our knowledge this is the largest recorded Trout since 1890 when one of 9lbs was caught at Bowerhope.
However all anglers connecting with Matilda will almost certainly attain a personal best for a wild Brown Trout and such a fish is indeed a trophy to behold and most probably a fish of a lifetime!

LitterYet again this persistent spoiler of natural beauty has reared its ugly head! Campers not anglers were responsible on this occasion as they were spotted by the loch keeper, we are however unable to trace these people. They left a tent, full and empty tins of beer and food, general rubbish and the remains of a huge fire on the green adjacent to the little Yarrow at the head of St Mary’s Loch.

Our treasurer John W fishing close by after the miscreants had departed was appalled at the mess and duly cleaned up the area and said there was so much rubbish that it was quite heavy! Now John is a champion power lifter of some considerable repute, and if he says the load was heavy believe me it was thus!

Such profligacy with provisions is in itself worthy of censure, but to leave it all behind is completely unforgivable! So to the people concerned if you read this please do not come back to the lochs again, you are desecrators of the countryside and most definitely not welcome! The loch keeper has an idea of the make and colour of the car used so beware we will be checking out all such cars.

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