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Sunday, 3 January 2010

A "Proper Winter" and the December Catch report.

Poor driving conditions yesterday!

Well it looks like the perpetual weather scoffer's brigade has at last got their wish – "A proper winter"! Conditions are currently very severe compared to the insipid events of the last few years and the forecast at the time of writing shows little sign of improvement. Most local ponds are completely frozen over; even our baby the loch o the Lowes is half frozen at the cafe green end. St Mary's, the queen of the borders lochs however is completely free of ice and will probably remain so unless temperatures drop to minus 15 or less. I think 1986 was the last time she succumbed.
Anglers planning to visit should get in touch before setting out as it looks like the A708 to the lochs is receiving minimal attention being ploughed and salted once a day and it is an extremely hairy road when devoid of road clearing attention, on a recent trip 3 vehicles were noted in the roadside ditches one of which was a go anywhere 4x4!
Only 14 angler days were recorded this month undoubtedly due to the difficulty experienced in traversing the roads to the lochs. The fish recorded were as follows 17lbs 2 fish, 10 -12lbs 4 fish, 8-10lbs 1 fish, and 4-6lbs 3 fish, no fish other than Pike were recorded.
Throughout the year the odd trickle of comments from people asking for topics to be explored come in, the following are a few, firstly the concept of the "Plastic" Pike fishery, seven anglers have stated that they would want to see more on this live subject, one even suggesting that we endeavour to obtain the services of a psychologist to try and throw some light on why some anglers always seek the easy option in order to swell the photo album with flabby sandbag like Pike! Well the "plastic" Pike fishery will certainly come under the spotlight again soon but I am not too sure about the Psychobabble bit. The subject was to have been covered several times last year but due to time constraints it was not possible. You also asked for more tackle reviews hopefully Eddie can help us there, you want more club news and we are happy to comply. More in depth catch reports – really what you get now is really all that you can get!
One poster asked for less on the subject of Muppets, but the bottom line is whilst we would all be glad to see the back of them, they are and always will be with us, and when we detect them they will be hounded here. Of course the door is always open for members to write their own articles, more so this year as my hands will be full with other matters. The subject of Trout fishing has been neglected according to two commenter's and they would like to see more on the subject, all I can say is that we will try, this however opens the door for some of our dedicated Trout fishers to put pen to paper. So let's hear from you lads. Two recent requests ask for in depth reports on the Arctic Charr project and we will happily oblige on this topic after the New Year lull, when things will undoubtedly progress rapidly.
Looking into a blizzard over the loch yesterday!

A time of good cheer!
There is at this time of year usually a feeling of goodwill to all men and a certain kinship not usually noted at other times. Well on the way to the loch we came across the animal version. Two Hooded Crows and a Buzzard (a big one) sitting side by side tucking in to what I assume was their Christmas dinner, a road kill Hare! Like three old friends taking their fill I wonder how long the uneasy truce existed, as they do not normally make good bedfellows! The lack of food probably forcing the alliance which neither species wanted but it's a case of when needs must!
Tight lines and let's hope this year will be a good un!

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