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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Plastic Pike Fisheries

Looking up from Bowerhope.

Well we set a few records with last week’s article on artificial Pike fisheries 43 comments were received in total roughly half were not published due to repetition of content. Forty two comments were strongly against this disturbing trend which seems to have been started with profit in mind and subsequently capitalised on by the fame hungry and incompetent angler types.

The other comment was not worthy of publication being a mixture of tripe and profanities! In spite of begging for someone to support the “plastic” concept no one has done so which is very disappointing. The wave currently sweeping angling (and other field sports) in Scotland is back to the “natural” to preserve the national bio map.

How disappointing then to see these Pike anglers completely out of touch with the current developments and moving at high speed to a circus level catching overstocked engineered Pike and calling it sport!
The stop at nothing brigade desperate to swell the photo album with large Pike are demeaning the true Pike angler who strives honestly in his quest to capture his quarry. These wretched individuals care nothing for proper sport being blinded by the false glory in catching one of these creatures. One can only hope that for one reason or another such places will disappear as quickly as they have surfaced ending the embarrassment caused to proper Pike anglers!

As was properly pointed out to me there is no longer anything truly wild, this however should not be a barrier for anglers to strive to reach a point as near as is possible to this.

Below is a photo of the presentation to John M and Pete Y at the AGM.

Next week the Angling Report for March and news of a heavy fish.

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