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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Unexplained shoal fish!

It is a well known fact that Arctic Char used to be present in the lochs and it is generally thought that they were netted out in the channel that joins the two lochs as they made their annual pilgrimage to the loch o the Lowes to spawn.

This is thought to have occurred sometime in the early 1900s.

Earlier this year Elliot who trolls the loch regularly said that he had come across a shoal of fish around seventy feet down. Whilst interpretation of data from fish finders can be tricky at times Elliot is well versed in the use of such devices through trolling many of the Scottish Lochs over a number of years.

It is generally thought that Perch which roam around in shoals would not be found at such depths leaving the door open to speculation that Arctic Char are indeed still resident in the loch. Arctic Char have been introduced into Megget Resevoir but it is unlikely that they could migrate into St Mary’s.

I was speaking to Scott T last week who also trolls the loch and is also well versed in the interpretation of data from echo sounders, and he said that he also has located shoals of fish at approximately 80ft in depth.

Arctic Char

Well there you have it the plot thickens, two experienced anglers both independently reporting shoal fish at great depths. Could it be that Arctic Char are still resident in the loch? Certainly anglers seeking other quarry would not venture to such depths so this area in the deep remains largely unexplored.

Interpretation of data from fish finders can be problematic but both Elliot and Scott are seasoned users unlikely to make mistakes.

Well without physical evidence it would be pure speculation to say aye or nay, but it is a most intriguing situation and hopefully one of the lads may yet come up with an answer to this thought provoking scenario. If you have detected fish at this depth please let us know your experience. Send your comments to

Thank you.

Just a quick reminder that arrangements are in place to transport the boats into the boat house on Saturday 04/10/2008 at 10.30am. If you feel able to assist with this please contact Harry or Isabel on 01750 42243.

We were hosts to three far travelled anglers from Newcastle on Saturday/Sunday who were on their maiden trip to the lochs in search of Pike. Sorry I couldn't make it up on Sunday lads but we all hope that you enjoyed your outing and had some sport, and that we will meet up again in the future.

The Trout fishing season ends 06/10/2008.

The monthly angling report will be published next Sunday 05/10/08.

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