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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Season Tickets, Memberships & Snippets.

Photo The Lowes boat keyed ready for epoxy.

Memberships/season tickets.

The current situation is that memberships are full up and no more members will be taken on this year. Unfortunately this also applies to the issue of season tickets; these are now closed for the year. It may be that season tickets will be issued in limited numbers next year however there is also the possibility that none will be issued. We will keep you posted. Prospective season ticket holders should lodge their names with the club and if spaces become available then you will be considered for any vacant places.

Entries are now coming in for our Wild Trout Competition with many more pledged. It would be very helpful if potential entrants could apply at their earliest convenience to allow us to engage in forward planning. Entrants who have already applied will be notified soon of their competitor numbers.

Lowes Boat.

John Wright our treasurer and I spent the day on Sunday rubbing down the old paint on the boat to be berthed on the Lowes. We also managed to get a couple of coats of epoxy on her (See photos). The structural work to incorporate flotation chambers and strategic reinforcement will commence this week and she should be ready in a couple of weeks. Our trip to Arran boats in St Fillians was a fruitful one and we will be in a position to make an announcement soon. Thanks to Les and John (he moves boats around like they were toys!) for the unending support and unceasing work done on behalf of the club!

Hard Surface for boathouse parking.

Our inability to make any progress with the regional council is becoming a real pain in the neck. They cannot accommodate us in our request to make a parking area next to our boathouse.
We wanted to make an aggregate (Type 3 I'm told) surface which they told us was unacceptable due to the possibility of loose stones being washed on to the road! I assume they mean in the fashion of many other drives and farm tracks in the area which regularly deposit loose rocks on the road. This even though our plan was to sink the parking area below the road surface, incorporate a grass verge between the road and the area and make a slight incline away from the road! It seems the council can make aggregate drains all the way up on the verge of the loch o the Lowes yet we cannot even use this method to improve the drainage at the boathouse!

The next step following some research done by John is to suggest a product called "Turf Protecta" http://www.grass-reinforcement.com/index.php/products/description/turfprotecta-turf-reinforcement-mesh this lattice is pegged into the soil and allows grass to grow through it making a practical and aesthetic solution to our problem! We will let you know the outcome, but I have a decidedly negative feeling about it all! If any readers have any suggestions please do get in touch we would be eternally grateful! At this rate we will be able to construct a surface out of red tape; we are currently awash with the stuff!

Osprey and other welcome visitors.

We are expecting our club champions the Ospreys back soon, their skill in the art of fishing is unrivalled on the lochs and it is a pleasure to see them in action. The first queen Bumblebee (Bombus bombus) was noted last week checking out mouse holes on the grassy banks in an effort to find a suitable one in which to set up a nest. Pied Wagtails were also noted today in good numbers. John had the little fellow in the picture (below) come and bask in the morning sun on his mat, its around the size of his thumb. Scott T our resident reptile expert tells us that it's a Common Lizard that has appeared early given the poor weather.Just as well they don't come in large and extra large! The first frog spawn of the season was pointed out to me yesterday so they have obviously been keeping busy!

We will be moving some Italian bees into the area shortly. Peter our loch keeper is keen on trying his hand at keeping them, so I'm giving him a hive to play with. Interestingly the only bees that can sting you are female and these Italian ones can be extremely aggressive, similarity with female humans there then! Hell hath no fury........!

Peter tells us that the sickly swan reported on last week was kept under observation by the RSPB for a few days last week and seemed to make a spontaneous recovery without the need for intervention so all is well there.

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