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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Finishing post in sight!

In spite of the efforts of a few individuals out with the club who try to rubbish our good name, our progress continues unabated!
How sad when jealousy builds to the extent that rationality and fact are no longer a consideration for these individuals! Empty barrels spring to mind!

The simple facts of the matter are however, that the club has never been in a healthier position with regard to members/visitors and our financial state is extremely healthy!Informal surveying of visitors has led us to believe that not only are our policies pointing in the right direction, they have led to higher visitor satisfaction knowing that the angler next to them (if there is one) is not of the Muppet variety! The hugely improved situation with regard to litter is largely due to the commendable actions of our members and those of the higher standard of visitor we now attract.

There is still much work to be done and it will be carried out, scoffers such as mentioned above may continue their bleating, it will not cause us to deviate from the prescribed path! We intend to survey visitors (using a statistically valid sample) in a more formal retrospective survey seeking their opinion on the fishery as it is at present, and what if any modifications they would like to see incorporated into our future policy. A similar survey will also be carried out with our membership. The results will then be collated to formulate future policy.

The question often asked is why do we have a limit on membership? Good practice dictates that we ensure that the lochs are not subject to overfishing, and in a similar vein we have put a cap on the number of day tickets issued on a daily basis. We as temporary custodians of the lochs are determined not to have the fishery exploited and we will continually monitor the effects of all changes. It is vital that we are able to pass on to those who come later a fishery in balance so that they also may enjoy the fruits of nature as we have done.

It is now likely that the procedure for membership selection will be as follows – a prospective member must be proposed and seconded by existing club members, the individuals put forward will have their applications considered by a membership panel, all prospective members up for consideration will be notified as to whether or not their application is successful. Any prospective member may be refused membership by such a panel. No reasons will be given to unsuccessful applicants.

This will take club membership beyond all previous limits, but we feel the science now allows us this move that will not prove detrimental to the fishing in any way. The conduct of members duly selected will reflect on the proposer and seconder and this will serve to focus the minds of such people when proposing a potential candidate. A condition of membership will be active participation in the running of the club such as taking part in work parties etc.
Is it worth it? Indeed it is, we are now a long way along the road to having a properly regulated Muppet free fishery where families, decent right thinking anglers and newcomers can come up to the lochs without fear of being subjected to bawdy irresponsible behaviour, drunkenness, broken glass, spent barbeques and general refuse littering the areas that they have chosen.

They can now visit with confidence and safely enjoy the day they had planned for themselves, knowing that the angler next to them (if there is one) is also a decent human being. All the Muppet jousting on the blogger, the hard physical work in the field, the unseen work behind the scenes is now beginning to bear fruit; resultantly we will not deviate from our chosen path!
No one will convince us otherwise; this is the only direction for the club. To fail in this task would be catastrophic; already we are getting much in the way of positive feedback regarding the proposed, now actual direction of the club, and of how rewarding it is to spend a day with non judgemental friendly anglers who can take something from a day when the fish are not biting.

What is really encouraging on the litter front is the numbers of angler’s (members and visitors) that bring a refuse bag with them and clean up the general area of their fishing peg. One visiting angler said yesterday he had never seen the bank side so free of litter. Not one illegal angler has been detected in the last month even though the number of visitors has been high, perhaps an indication that the message is now getting through!

The proposed system will allow the club to safely expand within our predetermined limits whilst keeping up the high standard of the current membership. It will also facilitate the filtering out of Muppets in the initial stages. The standard of visiting angler is very high.

Yes it’s now all beginning to take shape with the protocol for membership, and improving the standard of visiting clientele, with regard to these two topics we are almost there, the finishing post is in sight!
Next week - The Angling Report for June 2009.

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