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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Review of 2009

With regard to the fishing this has been a good year for anglers seeking sport with our wild Brown Trout with many multiple catches and many heavy Trout topped of course by "Matilda" initially caught by Les H and last caught by Ian Lambert @ 8lbs 6oz eclipsing my capture of 8lbs 4oz two weeks previous. The Pike have proved finicky with occasional good catches and occasional blanks but such is the lot of the wild Pike hunter A number of heavy doubles are now appearing.

One thing that has become obvious is that the Pike are in tremendous condition indicating the lochs are in great shape. This year also threw up some heavy eels nearing the 5lbs mark. This year the loch also gave up its most unusual catch that of a 3lbs 12oz Salmon kelt caught in mid May by our treasurer John W, the biologists at the Tweed Foundation who analysed the scales for us were somewhat taken aback that a Kelt should be in the loch so late in the year (Don't tell anyone but we took the scales from the fish ourselves!).

This year has also seen the formation of a proper working committee and the club members should be in no doubt the stature of these lads is immense! Their work rate is phenomenal and the future of the club is guaranteed as being safe in their hands. Much work is ongoing and looking at what we already have on the cards for 2010 it's going to be an even busier year with several very exciting projects being undertaken.

Projects in 2010
The main event of the coming year will undoubtedly be the investigations into the possibility that a benthic population of Arctic Charr exists in the loch and reintroduction of the pelagic form of the species. This project of ours is now classed as a project of national importance! This historical event will require a huge input from ourselves and we will be seeking the help of the membership in the many tasks that will be required to be carried out.

We will also in 2010 be initiating the Brown Trout Hatchery which will enable us to rear fry for stocking into the feeder streams, and in conjunction with the Wild Trout Trust constructing a blueprint for the optimisation of the habitat around the lochs. We hope to acquire the services of an expert from the trust to assist us in this matter.
We are also going to run an open Wild Trout competition on the lochs with some great prizes and more details on this will be made available in the next few weeks. It is likely that information sheets will be made available to all good tackle dealers in the New Year.

For the record just a quick note to the "concerned members/ex members" or should that read Muppets who were kind enough to write in to the blog with their pessimistic drivel spouting deep concern regarding their perceived downward spiral of the club "Eat you hearts out"!

All because I caught a fish today!

This has been the most profitable year the club has ever had! Our membership is bursting at the seams as prospective members clamour for entry. Visitor numbers reach an all time high. The incidence of Muppet behaviour has all but disappeared as we rigorously clamp down on them. Muppets on the blog have also been summarily dealt with and brushed aside. Yes the coming year will be an extremely busy one as we continue to build on the foundations to meet the challenges of the future!
We are now in the market for a new boat of Lomond type construction and one possibly two new petrol outboard engines.

For the benefit of the general membership – I would like you to be aware that the current committee has worked tirelessly to safeguard the future of the club; this has probably been the most difficult and turbulent year in our history. There is a tendency to assume that a committee takes care of business without fully realising just what has been done on your behalf.

So for the record - this committee has faced up to and taken many tough decisions, given much of their free time, given time and materials without a thought to recompense, given up their days recreation to sort out immediate problems, many members of the committee end up out of pocket in relation to carrying out club duties, in short the committee you have elected at all times seek the best for the club. Please remember this and count yourself lucky to have such a band of committed anglers at the helm!

Piotr (Peter) our lochkeeper has been a godsend with regard to maximising revenue and carrying out (largely unpaid) work for the club. Thank you Piotr we very much appreciate all you are doing for us!

Eddie - our tackle reviewer, already 4 anglers I have met have acted on your reviews purchasing various items that you highlighted. even Santa is in on the act bringing me a bivvy of the tracker variety. Many thanks Eddie for the carefully considered pragmatic reviews your hard work is much appreciated and we look forward to the next series.

Stevie N - thanks Stevie for your input on the genny we are a bit wiser now, hope to see you around the lochs a tad more frequently next year doing what you do best catching Trout! cheers mate! Ps its a real bore when work interferes with the fishing!

Elliot F - without your input we would not be where we are today. Thanks mate you help is greatly valued! We have every expectation that you will set a new weightlifting record in your class!

Chris E - our thanks to you Chris for your valued input. Best of luck in the weightlifting!

To the committee of the club – it is a great pleasure working with you all, thank you for the sterling service you have afforded the club throughout the year, without your hard work none of the above would have been possible! The coming year will be a historic one, together we will write the book!
Members renewing their subscriptions should ensure that cheques for £30.00 are made payable to St Mary's Angling Club and sent to
John Wright 8 Castle Place Dunbar EH42 1JD.

Happy New Year to all our readers!

Note - to the anonymous poster @ 1.47pm today. I am greatly intrigued by your words, but the written words we have would suggest a hollow ring to your musing. Please however feel free to write again I am most interested to find out where this is leading! You have my word your post will not be published.

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