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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Website update.

St Marys loch just prior to a storm 25/10/2008

Well after keeping the undiscovered gem that is St Marys Loch and Loch o the Lowes under our hats for many years, a decision was taken at the AGM to open up the fishing on our two picturesque lochs.

With this in mind I contacted my old mate Maurice who is a bit of a wizard with such things as the internet, computers, guitars and fly fishing (he’s very good at that), and asked if he could help us out with a website the only condition being that it was cheap (in monetary terms of course).

Well as you can see for yourselves he did us proud and took care of all the problems (including me) that inevitably appear when undertaking a task such as this.
Phrases such as pasting HTML code have nothing to do with wallpaper paste as was pointed out to me on several occasions.

So how has it been performing - well in a nutshell GREAT!

Since it was uploaded it has attracted over 600 visitors to date, and that figure excludes me clicking on or the figure would be over 1000. This is excellent coverage of prospective visitors and already significant revenue has been accrued by the club which we shall put to good use by ploughing it back into the fabric of the club.

However it would be irresponsible to allow profligate fishing with no thought to conservation and the other consequences of overfishing.

To ensure we do not fall into this particular pothole we have set a limit on club membership (there is currently a waiting list to join) and a limit on the number of visitor permits that can be issued, and when coupled with the catch returns that will shortly come into effect this will allow us to see if any species is subjected to undue angling pressure and remedial action will be taken. With this system in place we can move towards a managed fishery.

St Marys in a storm 25/10/2008

The project has undoubtedly been a success and the club is greatly indebted to Maurice for his technical expertise and general assistance in the initial stages and indeed on an ongoing basis as he has agreed to act as trouble-shooter for the site - thanks mate!
However the success of the site cannot be laid at the door of any single individual, the success of the site is attributable to the many club members who offered assistance in one form or another.
The rogue’s gallery looks like this – Harry, Isabel, Elliot, Les H, Brian, Pete, Scott T, Alistair, Humey, Glen, John W, John M, Malcolm, young Eddie, Douglas, Drew, and Lee.

Thank you one and all! (If I have missed anyone out please accept my apologies).

We welcome the increasing involvement of members into club affairs and will do all we can to encourage and develop this trend.

If you have any ideas you would like to see incorporated into the website/Blogger please let us know and we will see what we can do.

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