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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tickets, Jackets, Patches, Muppets and Invalids!

Season Tickets

Already we have received a large number of applications for our season tickets, the number of permits that will be issued is limited and unfortunately not all applicants will be successful. If you wish you may apply online by sending your details to but don’t delay they are going fast and although you will not be subject to the proposer/seconder rule a member must be able to vouch for you! Even if you are on the club waiting list you should contact us without delay if you wish to be considered for a place.

Lifejackets – as part of our continuing programme to improve the fishery and the fixtures and fittings, we are to take delivery of two lifejackets in the near future, both are of the foam variety and are officially classed as self righting lifejackets (they will turn you to the face up position in the water) as opposed to buoyancy aids.

We aim to trial them both and select whichever comes out best in the tests. Two of our experienced boat anglers will evaluate the jackets over a period of weeks and feed back to us allowing us to make a more informed choice.

New permits - our new day permit books have arrived and are much more relevant to our current situation, they also have a catch return form printed on the rear. They will be pressed into service in the next two weeks once all our vendors have been supplied with stocks.

Club Patch – The project had to be put on hold when a supplier gave us a reasonable quote then just prior to ordering informed us that in addition to the per unit price a £50.00 set up fee would be charged! We felt that to order at this price would not be good usage of club money so the order was cancelled and put on the back burner whilst problems of a more immediate and serious nature were dealt with. The design looks great and once the price is finalised we will order. Thanks are due to John W for his efforts in this project.


Speaking to one of the local farmers today and it was no surprise when he mentioned the problem with litter in the area. This is a problem that appears to be a constant companion to all in the area, and indeed countrywide.

On this occasion anglers were not to blame as the litter he was referring to was on the Southern Upland Way. Whoever the culprits were they should be ashamed of themselves!

I told him about a bus that stopped in a lay-by allowing travellers to answer a call of nature (there is a well signposted public toilet around 600yds away at the Glen Cafe!) and deposit large numbers of empty bottles and fish and chip wrappers down the bank to the loch side.

Unfortunately I was not close enough to get the registration number of the bus as I would have phoned the police without hesitation. Yet another group of people who are classified under the heading Muppets!

These people are destroying a most beautiful landscape so if you encounter any litter louts please do report them to the relevant authorities! Our survey of visiting anglers to be issued soon will take in aspects of littering to give us a view of how others see us.

Invalids – Had to assist in an operation to rescue a couple of invalids yesterday, Angie P (a professional walker of some repute) and Lauren H (an experienced long distance dog walker) who were on the 3.5 mile trek down the Bowerhope side of the loch when they succumbed to the rather serious conditions of sore knees and legs respectively. Also assisting in this critical drama was Arrabella (is this your name?) a most friendly and gentle horse resident in the field at the bottom of St Mary’s Loch, she provided much needed comfort and solace to the injured parties whilst transport was arranged to avoid exacerbating their conditions, and her fee for this intense therapy? One red apple, now that’s what I call a bargain!

Interestingly the two elder statespersons of the group Dennis and Ron H along with Ben H their guide dog completed the course none the worse for wear. Could it be that Plato was a trifle off the mark when he said of advancing age – “The spiritual eyesight improves as the physical eyesight declines”!

Incidentally the latest official condition report’s state that both casualties are resting and recovering in a satisfactory fashion although it could be some time before a walk of this magnitude is attempted again!
PHOTO The healing horse at rest.

Next Week – Angling report for July and St Mary’s Angling Club News 1 year old on Sunday!


Angie Psaid...
A big thanks to Arabella the pony for her cuddles last week!
Aye she is a real star!
Anonymous said...
Hello I would just like to say that St mary's is a loverly place to sit and fish. However there is a lot of litter left around in some areas and the remains of bonfires are dotted around the banks. It seems that these are always left by "Muppets" that have not purchased a permit but this is a very short sighted view. If someone buys a permit one day they are great, welcome back any time and a good fisherman. If the same person fishes without a permit the next time then they are a muppet that leaves litter, has bonfires, gets drunk and kills fish. Not all permit holders are angels and if they are you still have a hell of slot of muppets coming to the loch.
Hello Anon, I agree St Marys is a lovely place to sit and fish. You may have seen a lot of litter at one time but this is not the case at present, feedback from our members/visitors is positive in that the amount of litter left is minimal compared to previous times!
There are remains of fires around the lochs and we have addressed this in our updated rules. Anglers may have a small fire on the shingle bank for cooking purposes as long as it is not near to plantations/habitation.
Indeed all litter is left by "Muppets" they could hardly be categorised as role models now could they? If an angler fishes without a permit then they do fall into the "Muppet" bracket, they show no cohesion to proper anglers who pay for permits and therefore are worthy only of ridicule and deserving to be, and will be removed from our fishery! I agree not all permit holders are angels but when compared to an illegal angler without a permit they are one step better than the illegal angler! Similarly not all illegal anglers are "Muppets” a very small number of them are just plain dozy and requiring of a wakeup call!
Litter is a problem at every fishery; it is a particular problem at St Mary’s because of the large numbers of visitors the majority of whom are non anglers. Perhaps you have a solution to the problem; we would be delighted to hear of it! The angling club committee the Tibbie Shiels and the Glen Cafe are working together with one aim to minimise the litter and we will for the most part succeed but the occasional everyday "Muppet" and "Muppet" angler will slip through the net. We have not the capability to police the banks of the lochs 24hrs/day but be aware that if you are detected leaving litter you will be brought to book! If you leave litter you are unreservedly without question a "Muppet" whether you have a permit or not and has been said many times before "Muppets" are not welcome at the lochs!

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