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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Who visits the Lochs

Our visitors came from many areas of Scotland and England today, for instance we had 3 lads from Carlisle (above) who came to try and tempt some of the Trout in St Mary’s and the Lowes. Was a bit blustery initially and this put a damper on their boat fishing, but when we met them later on at the start of what looked to be a nasty thunderstorm they had still not contacted with a Trout but had landed and returned 3 small Perch.

Well done lads those were the first recorded Perch of the season. Their plan was to fish into the evening then retire to sample some local ale and with one of the lads being an accordionist it looked very much like an excellent evening’s entertainment was on the cards.Hope you didn't have too much of a headache today lads!

Later on we met Martin Cally, John and Craig along with their better halves that arrived from Airdrie. They were not too bothered about fishing for any particular species intent on returning all they caught, enjoying open air food, a few beers and the ambience of the lochs. The lads usually have a fiver on who catches the first fish and by the time we met them Cally had secured the prize with a lovely 12oz Perch the heaviest of the current season. Well done Cally and make sure the stingy losers pay up!

Also fishing today a family from Penicuick, 2 lads from Newcastle, 4 lads from?? Actually can’t remember from where but you were barbecuing your tea and boy did it look good!
To all of you we would say – come back anytime, well behaved non judgemental and responsible anglers are always welcome at the lochs and we hope you all enjoyed your visit and managed to catch something.
Two members remarked on what are now referred to as “the black days” when a number of Muppets and clowns were in membership they said it’s almost impossible to grasp just how much the club has changed for the better!

The remarkable story continues, Matilda was caught midweek by Danny K (above) who along with his mate Kev F photographed and returned her safely weighing in at 7lbs 6oz well done lads! (See gallery on main site)
We are still awaiting photographs of the 8lbs Trout caught on Sunday to see if it is Matilda in post feasting condition – we will pass on the verdict as soon as we know.
An interesting theory is that Matilda has moved into waters normally patrolled by Pike picking up flung off baits and the occasional bait attached to an anglers rod whilst the Pike are off engaged in the reproduction process. It will be interesting to see if she disappears when the Pike return in numbers! She is obviously an astute performer to get to her large size and skilled in avoiding the goliath Pike that may have placed her on their menu.

Matilda has now been afforded protected fish status i.e. she must be safely returned!

One illegal angler was detected today and left the loch with no undue fuss. A note of car registration numbers is being kept to aid in future cases of illegal angling. A list of anglers who are barred from fishing on the lochs is to be circulated to all bailiffs and riparian owners shortly.

Various species of Bumble Bee (below) were seen today working furiously gathering pollen on the catkins of young willow/alder trees, a beautiful sight!

If you have not renewed your membership please do so at your earliest convenience. We have a large waiting list of anglers keen to join the club. A deadline will be set next year for renewals!

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