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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cometh the Messiah?

Photo - Looks like a generator! It's integral to our future plans, essential to allow maintenance and vital with respect to the hatchery we are planning. What is it? The built in diesel generator situated in the boathouse. The problem was that none of us are electricians and the starting system in situ is a state of the art 1980s box of tricks complete with an array of transistors diodes and certain items that defy taxonomy. There was much button pushing puzzled facial expressions and extensive head scratching to no avail. The by now accursed Lister diesel engine and its associated electrickery had the better of us!

So I was delighted to receive a couple of phone calls from big Stevie Nimmo yesterday offering to come down to have a look at the set up to see if he could be of assistance. Stevie is a long time member of the club who fishes for all species in the lochs and was in fact one of two members present when the single cylinder 800cc thumper last sung about six years ago.

Now if you were to ask Stevie what skills he possessed he would admit to none, and then proceed with the matter in hand such is his modesty. Well he arrived at 08.30 and proceeded to track the electric cables and fuel lines in a systematic fashion with me and Les acting as eager grease monkeys and would you believe it after 30 minutes of considered tinkering the venerable thumper thundered into life and 10 minutes later when the impenetrable thick blue haze dispersed we sighted each other and the mandatory back slapping and hand shaking commenced, by this time the Lister had settled into a rhythmic beat thumping at 850RPM, talk about music to your ears, eat your heart out Lady Gaga!

Photo - Spark plug? It's a diesel!!

By the end of the day after much adjusting and a minimum of heavy hammer work (that's why I was banished, it's my only tool!) the complete system was operational with Stevie carrying out his magic and Les being the dutiful apprentice, me? Well I was stuck in a four foot snowdrift at Talla reservoir with Peter our loch keeper but that's another story!

The system now works as it was designed to do, one press of a switch and the beast erupts into life. It is a complex but efficient minimal intervention required bit of kit, built and designed by one of our honorary members John Pennycook many years ago.

So now we have heating lighting and a workplace allowing the use of power tools as required. It's as though a Messiah had come and vanquished all the clubs problems. But is Stevie Nimmo a modern day redeemer? No, just a decent enthusiastic and hardworking member of the club who like an increasing number of others is prepared to give something back. We are in your debt Stevie, an absolutely first rate job mate, on behalf of the club thank you! The future does indeed look rosy!

Photo - Let there be light!

Members renewing their subscriptions should ensure that cheques /Postal Orders for £30.00 are made payable to St Mary's Angling Club and sent to John Wright 8 Castle Place Dunbar EH42 1JD.

Loch Keeper

Peter our loch keeper will not be available on the following dates Jan 28th until Feb 02/2010 anglers should phone 07980350031 for permit information and advice.

Members are reminded to carry their membership cards with them at all times when fishing on the lochs.


Its chinese and I googled it for you. It means.......
"Friendship, like a tree, to be slowly cultivated in order to grow true friendship, and to go through hardships and challenges, can Everlasting Friendship"
And I thought it was a piece of Pink Lint sent by that chinese monk called "Grasshoppa" for those too young to remember thats slang for that old standby SPAM! Go buy some tomorrow slice thinly and fry in batter. You wont regret it! Great when someone does the graft for you!
cheers A

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