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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Looking to the future Part 1

Throughout its existence the club has had to undergo change to meet the requirements of outside agencies and internal membership, and as we now review the direction of the club it is clear that further changes will require to be made.

Firstly this is our vision of the kind of setup we would like to achieve.
I will confine myself to speaking in relation to Pike fishing but the underlying theme will translate to all anglers whatever their quarry.

Novice AnglersWe would see it as an essential function of the club to offer advice to any new angler who feels in need of such guidance. Such mentoring would not automatically fall to a member of the committee, rather from a pool of experienced anglers (the membership) who are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge of the fundamentals of the sport and giving a new angler the building blocks on which to found a lifetime hobby. Member involvement is crucial if we are to move forward.

An example of getting the basics right can be seen below with regard to Pike fishing and the subject of bite detection, learning about swingers/electronic alarms is of secondary importance, what is essential is understanding the mechanics of how a bite registers on your tackle with the arrangement of the terminal tackle in use and once this has been achieved the angler may make an informed decision to employ or not the use of these aids.

I can recall with some amusement one “expert” who could not understand how it was possible to detect a drop back bite (when a Pike runs towards rather than away from you) without swingers or electronic alarms using only the audible clutch on the reel.

It was beyond his comprehension because he had no knowledge of the simple basics of bite detection having been preoccupied with the many electronic aids on the market "aids "being the crucial word! Using a heavy running ledger a Pike may take the bait and run in any direction it so wishes and the result at the reel in every case is that the clutch sings – bite detection! If we can educate the new members to our club with this type of basic knowledge the scenario above could be avoided but more importantly we will be rearing a culture of educated and enquiring anglers rather than anglers with a slavish adherence to the viewpoint of a self appointed “expert”.

Currently we have in the club membership thinking enthusiastic individuals; the challenge facing us now is how we maintain and develop this (to be continued next time).
Saturday on St Mary's Loch view from Bowerhope.

Keeping abreast of developments.

Individual anglers must take on the responsibility of keeping up to date with new developments in their chosen field of the sport. Now by this we do not mean endless hours down at the research library but by joining one of the sports specialist group such as the Pike Anglers Club (There are such groups for all facets of angling) where a team of learned gents do the hard work for you, and translate the jargon into everyday language and print it in the format of an interesting and enjoyable magazine. This is a simple and pleasurable way of keeping up to date with current developments and trends in the sport.

For members with access to the internet the database held by the PAC is second to none and is available to all members. There is also an online forum where problems can be aired with other members chipping in with their own snippets of knowledge. We really do have immense respect for the PAC it is undoubtedly the professional body for pike anglers and well worth joining. I’ve said it before but it’s such an important concept that it is worth repeating knowledge is power!

Carrot or Stick

As we see it the trick is to educate not coerce, and if we can engineer such a scenario such things as catch limits, littering, endless rules and regulations will become redundant as anglers will inherently see the implications of improper behaviour and a self policing system will develop under the direction of the loch keeper.

Implementation of such a programme will be time consuming and undoubtedly weigh heavy on the shoulders of one or two individuals, but to effect such change will require the involvement of all members which brings us on to the next part that of member selection and participation (to be continued).

Illegal Anglers

Two illegal anglers were detected on Saturday afternoon fishing illegally without a permit they were promptly asked to leave and they did so without much ado. We have their names and the registration number of their car which was taken for future reference. Any further illegal fishing by these individuals will lead to our seeking a prosecution under the terms of the order.
It is now our intention to invoke the Tweed Protection Order with the appointment of 6 loch wardens as the penalties for failure to display a valid permit are more severe and will send a message to the ned community that transgression of the terms of the order will lead to severe penalties. There is another serious matter which is being dealt with under the terms of the order but as the investigation is ongoing it must remain sub judice at the present time.

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