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Stupid weak people!

Just as a preamble I would like to say that I thought long and hard about posting this, it shows a side of human nature we would all prefer to ignore. But the bottom line is that unsavoury lawless characters are among us it therefore follows that we need to deal with them. I would not envisage descending to such depths again but as a one off it shows the type of people we occasionally have to deal with. Apologies in advance for the acerbic nature of my musing. Photo shows where the offending 4X4 and caravan went over the banking.

Received a very interesting comment from someone (see heading above) calling himself Uranob! It was sent in for publication as a comment in response to last week’s “Chalk & cheese” article about desecrators of the countryside. I felt it would be better to dissect the comment here to give the issue a higher profile. Please read the article with last week’s post in mind.

This is the comment – “Do you know how much of a self righteous t****r you sound? Get a life”. Nothing much wrong in that you may say, just someone who is grammatically and linguistically challenged, it’s fairly commonplace these days.

Pressure groups including landowners tenants and angling clubs are working flat out to rid the countryside of these halfwits; it is in fact imperative that these individuals are removed from the picture as a matter of urgency! Why you may ask when in this day and age the emphasis is on the correction and integration of challenged individuals such as the poster highlighted above.

Well the poster clearly is one of the terminally bewildered who probably would not benefit from a spell of re-education; I would even go as far as to say probably beyond salvation. Clearly consumed with envy and filled with venom or possibly just completely empty of rational thought, but the end result is the same whatever the cause – an individual who has no place in an ordered society, a cretin on the edge with no useful purpose in life, his sole aim being the satisfaction of his own ideals with no thought to the rights and views of others! Access to the countryside remains at serious risk whilst imbeciles such as the poster stumble from one area to another causing wanton destruction.

I have extracted the salient points of last week’s article.
(a) The wishes and property of others should be respected.
(b) The education (where possible) of those who carry out deviant behaviour.
(c) To demonstrate a duty of care to those from whom we receive a privilege, in our case the gift of the fishing.
(d) The banding together of decent people against Neds to maintain an acceptable standard
of behaviour.

What exactly is listed in the above that would cause reasonable people to retort with comments such as the poster left?

Nothing! I would suspect that the majority of righteous individuals would have no qualms whatsoever about adopting the above as a set of values since these are the fundamental building blocks of a civilised society. They are the standards adhered to by the vast majority of visitors to the area.

Clearly the poster does not hold to the above and is content to exist not as a sentient being but more like a dumb animal, a goat for example, but I fear in this comparison I would be doing a grave disservice to goats!
It is indeed a sad reflection on society that such Neds have passed through the system of formal and informal education and emerged with such a twisted view of the world as displayed by the poster above!

The future right to enjoy the countryside will be in serious jeopardy if halfwits such as the poster are allowed to go bumbling around oblivious to common courtesy!

I attended a meeting up at the lochs on the very subject of wastrels last week and one of the proposals was that such imbeciles who impinge onto the property of others could be moved on and then corralled in one central area and segregated from decent everyday people. It is a very attractive proposition with much to commend it, I will keep you informed. My wish would be however it is as far from the lochs as possible! The erection of a steel fence/digging out of a trench was mentioned with reference to the graveyard area.

I could have deleted the comment but instead will add it to some others received over the life of the blog (its fascinating reading and a must if you have a penchant for psychology!) and publish them in an article later probably on a restricted access basis. I feel it is of paramount importance that these people, the dregs of society devoid of education and moral value are exposed in order that when they are detected an appropriate response may be initiated. Most people that I have talked to on this matter find it incomprehensible that people with such wayward views exist!
Well unfortunately they do, one good thing however is that idiots like the poster obviously blessed with reasoning power akin to that of a gnat will never be in a position to take the decisions that matter in regard to countryside matters! It will fall to the great majority of the general public to shepherd these Neds out of the countryside. As an angling club this is the stance we have adopted.

It is also of interest although not surprising to note the posters anonymity, a practice often seen in poltroons and usually indicating a high degree of insecurity in their ability to openly debate their views for fear of ridicule! Looking back at comments left on the blog you will see the practice is commonplace.

I very much look forward to the poster “coming out” and engaging in an open debate about the points above! It would be really nice to find out who you are and further explore your outlandish views, there are so many people dying to find out and the only clue we have is that you are a moron with extremely bizarre views on country etiquette!

So where does the heading come in “Stupid weak people” – it is the dictionary definition of the word Muppet perhaps the best description of the poster!

RescueThere was a rescue operation on St Mary’s midweek when a couple of anglers were swept down the loch at speed when a gale force wind built up in a short period of time (it was perfect in the morning) leaving the anglers unable to row back in the wind. They did the correct thing in making for land, securing the boat and called Peter (the Loch keeper) who came down and ferried them back to the boathouse.

Peter then borrowed a boat trailer from Alistair at the Tibbie Shiels cheers mate, and towed the boat back to its mooring point. Thanks Peter for your quick thinking and work, the club and the anglers are indebted to you! The nature of the loch can change rapidly and if you have the slightest fear for your safety you should head for land.

Incidentally the tests on our lifejackets (not buoyancy aids) all CE approved are almost complete, anglers have reported fly fishing/ trolling with no restriction on movement, the verdict being 100% positive in favour of their use.

Peter the loch keeper actually met with one of the two individuals barred from the lochs for a lifetime. This was great news as there’s no substitute for seeing with your own eyes, and recognition of this individual will now be easy, the other by the way is a guest of her majesty at HMP Peterhead!


Anonymous said...
This theme of people ignoring rules and doing as they please would seem to be fairly common among anglers/campers have you an explanation for this trend? Why are you less able to deal with campers as opposed to anglers they would seem to be the same to me.The poster of the obnoxious comment is a piece of trash not worth bothering about. Some people such as me remain anonymous so as not to get directly involved not because we are cowards or insecure.
Hi Anon sorry for the delay its not really a common event just seems that way. The majority of anglers/campers are decent people and give no trouble at all. We have less influence with campers as our powers under the protection order only extends to anglers and as such we can take strong action against them. The poster Uranob is known to us and is a well known Muppet in the area a kind of village idiot you might say! Your point re anonymity is taken, the point I was making was that if you look at all the comments from Muppets they all like Uranob remain anonymous simply because they have not sufficient brain cells to formulate a reply its a common ploy among Muppets! Thanks for your sensible comments
Jerry said...
You may remember me from my first comment on the Neds who could not find your notice board christ that was really funny. I really do feel sorry for you, having to deal with what basically are scum. Idiots as you mention really do merit the sternest action possible. I have followed the blog since week 1 and whilst it does seem the club have righted many of the wrongs yet more seem to appear. Do you not feel as though you are fighting a losing battle because as soon as you put them to the sword more come. My advice would be use every agency you can to get rid of these idiots they could not be classed as decent people. I am sure the club will oust them in due course but it does seem a struggle and as for this Uranob, a muppet is being kind, scum of the earth would be more regards
A very concerned countryman said...
I,m almost lost for words, to think the previous generation laid down their lives for cretins such as the commenter Uranob! The scum of the earth does not seem sufficient a description. I know you take the view that such types are cabbage like and not really responsible for their words but really you should try and expose them by whatever means you can. I fear very much for the future access to the counryside with clowns like that going around. We caught a few similar types last year who thought it was ok to shoot Deer with a slug gun, they ended up in the hands of the police. do all that you can to curb these idiots you will be surprised at the backing you will get.
Hi Jerry of course I remember you it’s good to hear from you again looking back the antics of that mob did have a funny side but this does not excuse their shocking behaviour. Please don’t feel sorry for me there’s no need, Muppet jousting is quite enjoyable, not very challenging with these morons but pleasing never the less.
Yes when one Muppet has been dispensed with another pops up perhaps a reflection on the society we live in, dealing with these characters however takes no time at all. They soon find out that we are indomitable in matters such as these! We are also disadvantaged in that the lochs are not only a fishery but a local beauty spot which attracts a huge amount of visitors which complicates things for us as an angling club. We are and will continue to seek the help of any relevant agency to rid ourselves of these nefarious types. Uranob well what can I say, a cowardly and cretinous buffoon who didn’t even have the backbone to stand up and be counted! But you won’t be hearing any more from him I blocked his IP address on Sunday! The only reason his comment appeared at all was to highlight the perverse nature of a very few of the individuals we come into contact with. Hope all is going well with you. Cheers!
When you frame the action of the imbeciles mentioned with the sacrifice made by previous generations the word vermin comes to mind! These cretins could not hold a candle to those lads! I have always felt the mark of a man could be measured by whether or not they would stand by their words, these ninny’s failed on that count in fact they fail on every count, lily livered idiots is basically what they are.
I have a good idea who the Muppet is; he has posted in the past and been cut down to size and sent back into his burrow on several occasions!

Although the example you give is quite different in view, the principle of arrogant thoughtlessness is transferrable to our situation. I have no doubt that if it comes to the crunch we will get much backing from countrymen such as you. The good thing however is that such fools are in the minority and as you say appropriate and immediate action of a suitable magnitude is required to weed them out! Many thanks for your constructive comments.
Anonymous said...
Thank god these buffoons are a tiny minority of the population, can you imagine the resulting chaos if everyone were to do what they wanted with no heed paid to rules and regulations. A prime requirement of a civilised society is that rules be set to maintain a degree of order and protection to all members of society. Allowing Neds as you mention to run riot doing as they wish will only lead to the countryside being destroyed and subsequent access to it withdrawn.
The basic principle here is that the Neds are coming on to the property of others, they are then on another’s property and subject to removal if found to be contravening the owners or agents rules. It is common courtesy to seek the permission of the landowner/agents before moving on to any land.
The previous posters echo my sentiments and I suspect the huge majority of the public. Such deviants have no place in ordered society; life is framed and supported by these rules. Generally comments written in the style of the deviants you mention should be deleted without hesitation since they offer no constructive addition to the issue under discussion. The concerned countryman I think sums it up best when he refers to vermin, a type of parasite on human existence.
Jerry said...
Would the imbecile poster please identify himself then we may be able to take you seriously as it stands at present you are guilty as charged i.e. A Muppet!
Anonymous said...
There is really no need to make a fool out of these people, you systematically tear them down and to what end? Okay they disagree with you and it would seem most people would appear to be on your side maybe not surprising since your fishing depends on a master/servant relationship. Let them have their say without ripping them to shreds!
Anonymous said...
It’s refreshing to see 100% agreement by the posters that the property of others should be respected. I would bet the deviant wouldn’t be so vociferous if some Neds of his own kind came and camped in his garden!
Hi Anon@10.15 I agree with all your points thanks for posting.
jerry, spot on! Hitting the nail on the head as they say.
Hello Anon @ 12.04 No one is making a fool of these people least of all me; they are doing a most efficient job of that themselves by their irresponsible actions. Your melodramatic use of the words “tearing them down and ripping to shreds” is inappropriate and preposterous to say the least. The purpose of the blog is to inform, update and educate where appropriate. For us to achieve this comments must be dissected, analysed and responded to, this is the universal method of operating a discussion board. What on earth would be the point of allowing every Tom Dick and Harry to leave random statements without response!
Let me educate you on your comment about the fishing. There is no master/servant relationship. The simple facts are that we lease the fishing at a very reasonable rent from those that own it in order that many hundreds of people may enjoy that gift. In return we endeavour to keep the area clean and unspoiled (by minimising deviant behaviour), and maintain stocks of fish by constructing rules for anglers to follow so that future generations may enjoy the fishing as we have done. This notion of caring for the countryside seems to be alien to the deviant poster who appears to be content to rampage over the land of others in the fashion of an errant schoolboy!
Can you imagine what the situation would be like if there was no regulation and everyone just went and did what they pleased as the deviant mentioned in the post does? It would be utter chaos and there would be no fishing of any kind worth pursuing, no beauty spots as uncontrolled fires and litter would sully the landscape everywhere! It’s not really a difficult concept to get hold of, but allow me to simplify it – we are where we are today because of adherence to rules, such as thou must not kill, you must not drive through a red light, you must respect the property of others. It’s really basic stuff which most people have grasped by primary school which makes the views of the deviant poster completely absurd!
The person mentioned is welcome to air his most peculiar views and doubtless there is a certain celebrity (albeit comedic) that comes with such bizarre views. Perhaps the best indication of the absurdity of his views is that he is too embarrassed to identify himself, content to assume the role of a cowardly Walter Mitty hiding in the shadows instead of openly defending his position, and that unsurprisingly no one else seems to share his views!
It is the way of the world that the peculiar attracts attention, and if one posts a view that is seen by the majority as being somewhat oddball they can expect that view to be challenged, and so it has been.
Let’s not forget how this person came to our attention, he drove into a restricted area with caravan in tow set a bonfire on a piece of grass then cleared off leaving our loch keeper to deal with the aftermath. Actions such as the idiot poster carried out put at risk our fishing, walking in fact every outdoor sport you can think of that depends on access to the countryside and the goodwill of others, for the sake of all country users these imbeciles must be sent packing forthwith!
Hello Anon @ 12.41 Yes most reasonable people take this view it is a fundamental of living, to help and respect others! I completely agree that when the tables are turned the fellow wouldn’t be so keen on his own views, what we have here is a feckless individual of limited worth to society. It is however incumbent on right thinking individuals to endeavour to educate such people as clearly they are missing some part of what it takes to be a civilised participant in a community. A Muppet indeed!

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