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Sunday, 22 November 2009

AGM part 2 and another review by Eddie.

A cool study from Michael H

One of the most pleasing things to come from the AGM for me was that we have now agreed to move forward with community centred policies rather than maintaining the insular stance taken in the past. We are donating a sum of money to the Cappercleuch Village hall fund which is used to provide such things as a children's Christmas party. We are also committed to working closely in conjunction with the local community council.

We are also moving forward with a pioneering venture in cooperation with the Glen Cafe and the Tibbie Shiels Inn – more details on this in the coming weeks.

We are removing the defunct boat from the loch o the Lowes and replacing it with a heavily modified boat taken from our base on St Marys. The work will take two to three months to complete and it will be unsinkable! It will hopefully be in its new home early April 2010.

A comprehensive refit in the club boathouse has already commenced and will be an ongoing project over the next couple of years. The rearing set up for Trout/Charr has already received attention but much more needs to be done.

The charging structure has changed very slightly in that member's boats will now cost £3.00 and a Trout fishing permit is now £8.00 the rest of the charges remain as previous. Once we obtain the motors we will publish the charges for the use of them. The compulsory use of lifejackets is now in place for boating anglers, – yours or ours, you must wear a lifejacket!

A number of administrative tasks which will enhance the profile of the club need to be dealt with and a start will be made soon. We are meeting shortly with the clerk to the Tweed Commission and the Tweed foundation senior biologist regarding our proposals on the subjects of Arctic Charr/rearing Brown Trout and habitat improvement. The latter is a long term improvement plan which may not bring discernable improvements for the current membership, but will undoubtedly provide a much improved habitat for those who come later.

We are keen to turn the grass verge area next to the boathouse into a proper parking area but at present are faced with a wall of red tape in our dealings with the regional council. One would hope that common sense will prevail and a pragmatic solution is arrived at soon! The initial schedule of works to turn this area into a car parking area to their satisfaction would have cost us around £6000; for god's sake all we want is a firm surface for cars to park without our loch keeper having to drag them out as they flounder in the mud!

A number of Pike anglers are still not submitting catch returns, all Pike anglers must submit a return via the box at the boathouse or by e mailing.

We have received another nomination for our review of tackle outlets but have had to refuse the nomination due to the shopkeeper being barred from our lochs, apologies to the proposers.

Morning has broken by John W

I've tried it and I like it by Eddie I.

This week I would like to talk about back biters or rear alarms. There are a couple of companies who make this type of alarm such as fox and E.T. The one I use is from Billy's Back Biters it's called the Red Alert, this alarm is part of a range which also includes the Blue Nose and both are built to the same specifications. For a modest fee of around 40 to 50 quid you get a transparent blue or red box that lights up with robust volume control, on off switches and a very good swinging arm made of stiff wire with a sliding weight, it also has an excellent adjustable line clip that you can add a starlight to for night fishing. The swinger can be adjusted to sound with the slightest movement or to drop back a bit. You can also get them with a remote sounder box for a bit more money but I'm not a big fan of this feature in a pike alarm as I think if you're going to leave the rods out at night you should make sure you're a light sleeper and able to get up easily when an alarm sounds outside your bivvy, if not don't risk it wind the rods in. I've been using this alarm for about six months and think it's a very good option for people who like this kind of alarm. Google Billy's Back Biters for more information. Eddie I.

Thanks again Eddie for another "feet on the ground" review.
The lochs were pretty much inacessible for a couple of days last week, please contact our loch keeper prior to setting out to avoid a wasted journey.

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