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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Recession Busters and a New Record!

A wintry scene courtesy of Michael H.

This week we will look at some of the fishing bargains that are around at this time. Why pay RRP and some when you could purchase good solid equipment online for a fraction of High Street shop prices.

Pike Rods – a super offer from Argos is the Shimano Alivio carbon rod at twelve foot long and a 2.5lbs test curve this is an excellent all round Pike rod. It comes tastefully finished with retro style grips and a solid screw up reel seat. Lined rings, detail whipping and the quality that is synonymous with the Shimano brand round off this bargain rod at £34.99

Reels – Nicely priced is the Daiwa Opus big pit reel it comes with the patented twisbuster feature and holds over 300yds of 15lbs line. Ah but you say it only has 1 ball bearing - so what? There is a trend currently to equate the quality of a reel by the number of ball bearings contained therein (check e bay for cheapo reels with up to 7 ball bearings). Over engineering springs to mind, plain bearings offer an excellent level of performance after all they fit them to production motorcycles which can spin at 20,000 revs/min. Don’t fall into the ball bearing trap this is a solid reliable reel from a respected manufacturer plenty smooth enough under pressure and the 4.1 retrieve ration keeps you in control when a fish surges towards you at speed and at £54.00 for two including P&P you will be laughing all the way to the bank (pun intended).
Early morning courtesy of John W
Just have to get a note in about the website. Last week’s article about the alarming trend of making Pike fishing easier for those who want to expand their photo albums and their egos, by stocking ponds with high densities of large Pike and Rainbow Trout/Roach has drawn an astonishing 537 visits 102 of which are from the Borders and they are still coming!

A record number of comments have been received, I’m trying to work my way through them but will have to leave some out due to repetition. The overwhelming feeling on the subject is that “plastic” fisheries are bad news, of benefit only to the fishery proprietor and those anglers who would happily pose with a stuffed Pike as long as it was over 20lbs.

If you feel “plastic” Pike fisheries have a place in angling let’s hear from you because at the minute the feeling is these places are totally without credibility and those who angle there highly suspect!
Obviously this is an area that requires much further scrutiny.

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