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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Club Annual General Meeting 2009 Part 1

A tightly packed dining room in the Tibbie Sheils Inn was the venue for our annual meeting. The broad thrust of the meeting was geared to move the club forward in the following ways.

(a) To look at ways if indeed there are any of invigorating the Trout fishing which has suffered badly following the implementation of the
“No Stocking” policy of Scottish National Heritage/River Tweed Commission.

(b) To progress the club into the 21st century using whatever means at our disposal under the umbrella of a managed development strategy.

(c) To impart to members more control over the running of the club.

(d) To increase the revenue currently available to the club, to allow improvement of the infrastructure in the near future.

(e) To express our gratitude to two of the longest serving committee members in the clubs

(f) To maintain the high quality of the membership and prevent admission of undesirables into club membership.

(g) To allow members to make/modify fishing rules to keep abreast of the latest

With these topics in mind the meeting commenced with a resume of the past year by the club president, in short the demise of the Trout fishing revenue was counter balanced by a significant increase in the revenue accrued from the Pike fishing. Clearly this is our way forward!
Members were thanked for their help with the everyday tasks entailed in running the club.

Transgressions of the Tweed Protection order were dealt with swiftly and robustly, we are currently monitoring two individuals on an ongoing basis. We have decided to act in a determined manner with all violations of our rules and those of the wider sphere of angling.

Empathy was expressed by members with other clubs in the area who do not have coarse fishing to fall back on.

Discussion around item (a) led to much condemnation of the No Stocking policy following the poor returns from the Trout fishing.
A revamp of the Trout fishing section of our website is underway by Alistair H and it is hoped that this may give us a few more visitors, although the early indications are less than promising.

We note the stance taken by the Environment Agency in England allowing “wild waters” to be stocked with Triploid Trout, a measure which was seen as being pragmatic and beneficial to angling clubs and the surrounding local economy. We will revisit the entire policy of the EA and the evidence leading to their conclusions.
We hope to do this in the next few months once more information has been obtained, and invite members to offer their views on the subject.

Next week – the outcomes of our deliberations and changes in policy.

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