Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Further Maintenance

Harry has again secured the services of young James who as soon as we can get 2 dry days together, will apply creosote substitute to the handrail down to the boathouse thereby affording the wood a further few year’s protection from the elements. Thanks again James.

The scrub trees that overhang the mooring points for the boats will have their branches pruned allowing full usage of the mooring bay. This does not require specialist intervention simply a saw and some elbow grease. Before and after pictures below.

After the scrub clearance.

“Blue” Boats

One of the “Blue” (now painted green boats) has its reinforcing plates fitted and these have virtually eliminated the flex under full motor power. Once Elliot has constructed the corner brackets the improvement should be significant and the back panel made much more rigid.

Isabel has met with the new owners of the Tibbie Sheils Inn and it has been agreed to include their camping facility on our website which incidentally has had over 550 visitors already. We are always looking for photos of your catch at the lochs so send them to us via the website or give them to Harry and Isabel at Henderland Cottage.

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