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Sunday, 20 September 2009

All that is good, and another episode of The Muppet Show!

Our good friends the lads from Region 52 Ayrshire of The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain came down last Sunday for another go at our Pike. This group of journeyman anglers are always welcome at the lochs as they always display behaviour of the highest standard.
Don’t get the idea that they are puritans because they are most definitely not, they can and most definitely do enjoy themselves with much food a modicum of ale and much banter and carrying on. And without a doubt they are fishers of the highest calibre!
If you get the chance to read their magazine called “Pish Talk” you are in for a real treat, the mixture of innuendo, comedy and factual content is a literary masterpiece. To all involved in the publication and there are many, my congratulations to you it’s a real gem!
What separates the lads from some others is that they respect the property of others, they are always in touch before visiting, there is no prevaricating where permits are concerned and they leave the place cleaner than they found it! It was no surprise to me when I was told they had been invited to a special access day on a private loch, obviously the owner had also picked up on their inherent qualities. News does indeed travel fast.

They arrived at 06.00 raring to go and soon they were off to enjoy their day. As it turns out the fishing was hard as it often can be with wild fish in their natural environment, with half a dozen coming to the net with the largest being one of 10lbs 2oz caught by Rory the youngest member of the group, well done mate, this young lad is one to watch for the future! Rather bizarrely these days the weather was great now there’s a novelty!

I spent a good deal of time speaking to the entire group in particular Scott Davidson, Dave Morris and Ian Lambert, and it quickly became apparent these are not “chuck it and see” types! They are thinking questioning anglers who spend as much time planning as they do actually fishing, and each method has been meticulously thought through to maximise the catching potential. I’ve met a few self proclaimed experts (most now fishing diddy style for “plastic” Pike) in my time but they are nothing compared to these guys. Not that they would brag about their prowess, a more modest and unassuming group of lads you could not meet.
Scott was kind enough to offer to update our rules for Pike fishing and naturally we accepted, he is also going to send some PAC publications on to us. This is what real angling is about; it’s a fellowship with information sharing, camaraderie and support.

Doubtless if Carlsberg made anglers, they would make them like this!It is important to stress that 95% of our visiting anglers are of this ilk only the small minority drag angling down to the depths (See below)!
Our relationship with these lads goes back a few years, they have assisted us with numerous problems/queries and we look upon them as our professional advisors for all things Pike as well as good friends.
We felt that as a club we should thank them for their unwavering help and support as we have relied heavily on them in the past, so we arranged a small presentation consisting of 3 complimentary day permits and boats, and a 300mtr spool of Power Pro braid of the 50lbs variety as modest prizes for the regions raffle in November.
Great meeting you all again lads it’s always a pleasure, you and your kind are always welcome here! With anglers such as these the Pike Anglers Club can only go from strength to strength which can only be to the benefit of Pike angling in general!

More decent visitors!Hello to Leon and his mates who travelled up from Wigan for a bash at the Pike (regular visitors). They hadn’t had any joy when I spoke to them, were they deterred, not a bit of it. Yes Leon as you know the fishing can be tough going at times, interesting to note there was no immediate dash to fish one of those “plastic” Pike fisheries where soft flabby Pike come thick and fast even to the piscatorially challenged, the rewards however are nil! No this is another group of real anglers pitting their wits against a true adversary in the wild! This is the real meaning of fishing.

Another episode of The Muppet Show (unfortunately)!The three Noddys mentioned previously in an earlier article as having killed a double figure Pike, (and no they are not Eastern Europeans but indigenous Scots ), have on further investigation allegedly committed another crime, that of racial abuse! We have a surname for one of them and investigations are ongoing, if we can track them we will press for criminal charges to be levied on fish theft and racial abuse. We cannot and will not stand by and allow our employees to be subjected to such abuse by these verminous types! All outlets have been supplied with their descriptions. These are Muppets of the very worst variety and have no place in angling!

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