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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Angling Report October 2008

The Brown Trout season has now ended leaving fishing for Pike, Perch and Eels. No reports have been received this month indicating any Perch have been caught.
Eels appear to have congregated up at the top end of the loch near Tibbie Shiels as 3 anglers fishing there had their baits stripped and traces twisted with such regularity that they decided to change locations whereupon the Eel attacks ceased.

Quite what was taking place with the Eels appearing to be concentrated in the one place I’m not sure so if anyone has any theories please get in touch and let us know.

Only one eel was actually recorded as being caught and returned, weight estimated @ 1.5lbs.

Early morning on St Marys courtesy of John W


There has been a good spread of Pike caught this month as follows, weighing in as the heaviest of the month is a very respectable 15lbs 12 oz Pike. Two Pike between 12 and 15lbs, Five Pike between 10 and 12lbs, and four Pike between 8 and 10lbs. There may have been other Pike caught but we can only give the figures that our catch returns record.

The really big ladies of the lochs seem to be evading capture at present but we know they are there and sooner or later they will make an appearance and give an unsuspecting angler a red letter day to remember, so make sure you have your camera/phone when fishing and if you connect with one of these ladies please send us a copy!

One of the Pike caught was a tagged fish which has been absent for a while and returned with a degree of weight loss of 10ozs. The reasons for this could be many and varied and this has happened with other Pike many times in the past only to turn up later with a significant weight gain.

Some readers may look at the figures and deduce the number of Pike caught as being low and whilst this is true the figure must be seen in the context of Pike caught vs. Angler days.
Only 23 anglers fished for the Pike over the whole of October and given the acreage of the two lochs (740 Acres) the comment in our news pages of not yet having scratched the surface of the Pike fishing seem to spring out larger than life!

We will be assisting a private fishery to set up their own tagging project in the near future as they would like to obtain more information re the Pike in their waters.


I came across a snippet in an article on the Fishing Magic angling forum suggesting that St Marys Loch may contain Zander. We would remind anglers that the movement of fish is prohibited without a licence from the relevant authority.

The Zander is an alien species and any angler catching such a fish should humanely DISPATCH the fish and give the specimen to the Lochkeeper who will take the necessary steps.

Tight Lines!

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