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Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Angling Report and Happy Birthday!

IMPORTANT Mr & Mrs Brown of Henderland Cottage have severed all links with the angling club, please do not contact them regarding any aspect of the fishing! Please Email us or phone 07980350031 Anglers are reminded that permits for the fishing are available from The Glen Cafe, The Gordon Arms Hotel, The Tibbie Shiels Inn and Cast Around in Peebles.

Angling Report July 2009

July continued to throw up good catches of Pike, with five in one six hour session being the biggest bag. The largest recorded Pike this month is one of 16lbs 7oz re caught by a visiting midweek angler from Glasgow, well done Pat C. The breakdown of Pike caught is as follows – between 12 and 17lbs - 10 Pike, between 9 and 12lbs - 14 Pike, between 6 and 9lbs - 23 Pike and below 5lbs - 7 Pike. Recorded angler days were 47 for the month.

TroutThe Trout fishing has tailed off as is normally the case in midsummer with only 11 Trout being recorded however a regular angler from Birtley, Bill (see earlier article entitled “the good guys) recorded a splendid well conditioned Trout at just over the 2lbs mark which he was pleased to return to fight another day. The other fish recorded were between 8oz and 1lb.

Perch and Eels
Numerous Eels have been reported with no specimens of note; mostly all were in the 8oz to 1lb range.
Similarly Perch are aplenty mostly falling to anglers using brandling worms and maggots. A small Mepps spinner has also proved to be quite successful. No heavy specimens were recorded this month.

Received a couple of Emails enquiring as to the situation with Mr & Mrs Brown previous permit sellers for us, this is an internal club issue and no further comment will be made. Suffice to say they are no longer permit sellers for us and anglers should visit one of our new outlets if they are intent on fishing. Our interim arrangements are coping with demand and anglers are accommodated with the minimum of disruption. To the few who have been inconvenienced please accept our apologies. We should have new permanent arrangements in place next week. Please check back for developments.

Well we are now into August and still we wait on the heat wave promised by our weather predictors, one angler I spoke to yesterday said he was considering buying a 4x4 and installing a coal fire to see if he could speed up global warming!

Happy Birthday!Some scoffers said it would never happen, but the news page is one-year-old today and still going strong! We have covered stories on various topics some drawing much comment and exposing a plethora of subjects for discussion. Most of all we have achieved openness and transparency, allowing our members to keep up to date with all that is happening within the club.
It is also the ideal platform to expose the wrongdoings of certain wayward individuals and although it is very time consuming the end result justifies the time required. The exposure of these Muppets is of paramount importance if angling is to progress in the correct direction, failure to tackle these individuals will lead to the eventual banning of angling!
In the early days we encountered many illegal anglers, now the current situation is that an illegal angler is a rare occurrence indeed.

Would be very interesting to hear from the past club member, the supposed club member and James from Castle Douglas again; they left comments on the article entitled “Permit dodgers”. They all posted derogatory comments 15mins apart and two of them were afflicted with the incorrect usage of the word their as opposed to there! Would be good to hear from you all again chaps or is it chap in the singular? I am led to believe “Humble pie” is very tasty with green envy-flavoured custard!

Our aim was a fishery free of Muppets and we are more or less there. The wayward of the angling fraternity now take their suspect values to some other fishery, leaving us with a contented group of anglers hunting their wild quarry in peace.
The message we conveyed to the general angling fraternity is if you are an honest decent angler, please do come and enjoy the fishing in a most picturesque setting, if however you are part of the minority section of angling comprising of Litter Louts, Muppets, Drunkards and Stool Pigeons please take your custom elsewhere, you are not welcome here!
There are many more issues that require dissection and in the coming year and we will deal with them.

A word of thanks to all the new vendors of our permits, you are doing a fantastic job and we really are extremely grateful for your assistance and for displaying great forbearance as we scurry around changing this and that!
It is a great pleasure working with you all and we look forward to building on our harmonious foundations in the coming years.

Just a quick word of thanks to the three lads who were visiting from RA 24 PAC, and the eight lads from Gretna, it was great meeting with you all, you are exactly the type of anglers that are most welcome on the lochs, respectful of others property, updated on the latest developments in their sport, non judgemental and deploring of those who desecrate this most beautiful landscape. Thank you one and all and feel free to come back anytime! Oh how I wish I could say”Twas ever thus”!
Tight Lines!
Ps the website is fully operational again thank you for your patience.

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