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Sunday, 19 July 2009

New permit outlets and a nice Email! + A meeting with Royalty!

As an angling club in the midst of a small close knit community there are certain responsibilities that fall to us, we cannot and must not remain insular and apart from that community. When we looked at our structure and method of operation it became apparent that we were not doing all that we could to weave ourselves into that community.

We attract a large number of visitors from all over the country from the highlands of Scotland to the industrial midlands of England who come to the lochs for a taste of tranquillity and to savour the fine quality of wild fishing available. We have in the past perhaps not exposed these visitors to the other attractions in the area but this has now changed.

In a bifurcated approach we have decided to increase the outlets in the area selling our fishing permits thereby making life easier for our anglers and at the same time making them aware of the excellent hotels and cafes in the area all of which offer excellent sit down meals and carry out food as well as an array of other merchandise and services.

To expand on last week’s paragraph, all of the new outlets have been furnished with our current rules regarding angling on the lochs as well as hints and tips to give you that edge when pursuing your quarry. We will in the near future run a small feature on each of these outlets from an angler’s perspective. We are currently looking at the logistics of these outlets issuing permits for our boats, we will keep you posted.

The establishments selling our permits in the area are (in alphabetical order) the Glen Cafe, the Gordon Arms Hotel, and the Tibbie Shiels Inn.
We have also selected Cast Around Peebles as a vendor for our permits out with the immediate area as members have reported this as being an excellent all round tackle shop run by a knowledgeable angler.
We hope that the increase in the number of outlets we offer is of benefit to both the anglers and the establishments selected. We may appoint another fishing tackle dealer outlet.

Just a quick note to the small number of anglers barred from fishing on the lochs who I know read this bulletin regularly, all the new outlets have been supplied with your details so don’t waste your time trying to come in the back door!

Our new permit outlets are-

The Glen Cafe
Tel: 01750 42241Mobile: 07928 718530Fax: 0870 7653952

The Gordon Arms Hotel
Phone: 01750 82222

The Tibbie Shiels Inn
Or call (Alistair Moody) on 01750 42231.

Cast Around Peebles
20A NorthgatePeebles EH45 8RS
Tel 01721 729 229

Email enquiry

Received an enquiry from Colin G this week coming down with three of his mates in August not much unusual in that you might say! Well in one respect you would be correct; we get numerous enquiries every week requesting information on the lochs, best places to try etc. But what some people forget is that every enquiry requires someone to sit down and compose a pertinent reply. And so it is with most of the tasks that fall to members of an angling club committee, they have to give freely of their time to accommodate the needs of the membership/visitors!
Photo What we dont want to see- the remains of a Bonfire!

They do it freely and willingly!

But to get back to Colin he took a few seconds to write back and say “thanks”, yes it’s just a word, but it is one that means a great deal to those who give up much of their time to meet these needs.
Thank you Colin for the sentiment, and next time you ask something of an unpaid club official remember that small word it means a great deal!

A meeting with Royalty!

Who would have thought it a through and through red such as myself not only meeting but enjoying a convivial discourse with the landed gentry! It almost defies belief! Laird David G of Lochaber a landowner with rights to Salmon fishing, angling for Pike on St Mary's Loch. We are honoured indeed!

Well we were until he spilled the beans its Davy G from Larkhall who was given the title by his beloved as a present (Nice one Mrs G) it seems you can buy such titles on the internet and its a means of keeping a Scottish river in the hands of Scots even though the stretch has thousands of owners. So I have been invited up to fish and I really can't wait, but he was quick to mention that I should first practice Spey casting whilst standing on a dustbin lid as the area he owns is approximately that size. Its that sinking feeling again the promise of much and then being left with not a lot! Thanks anyway mate a nice thought!

Anyway with white horses on the loch they were into the Pike and Perch again ,all of a modest size for a change and Craig breaking his duck from the last time well done mate. Must mention Sal and Brambles (must get a photo lads) two dogs that would melt the hardest hearts with their antics and that soppy wide eyed look!

I know a doggie like that, aye you Ben as no doubt you will be reading this! He is a most clever canine indeed who in between meals, snacks, titbits, leftovers, and the occasional incidence of food theft gets up to all sorts of tricks!!!!

Aye lads good to see you again, and yes there will be another load of photos in the gallery(doesn't it make you sick!).


Tony Jones said...
I'm glad you have increased the number of your permit outlets, I have in the past tried to get a permit from the cottage and found no one home. I have no doubt that this will open up the fishing to many more people.When are you starting the online permits? Also why not consider issuing boat permits from these outlets as you briefly mentioned.
I was there 2 weeks ago at the graveyard as you will remember (we were talking about the movement of Pike in the lochs) and it is a much improved and more regulated fishery.Years ago you never used to encounter any club official and the majority of anglers were fishing without permits and using dubious tackle.Keep going with the improvements St Marys is now a proper fishery.Need to get off to work now.
best wishers
Hello Tony I do indeed remember you hope the hand is better! Yes we think opening up the outlets will be a benefit to the anglers and the community. It is likely boat permits will be made available very soon as will the internet permits.
Thank you for your positive comments they are very reassuring unfortunately it has been lawless in the past but that was the past. We have much planned over the coming year so keep on reading and hope to see you back at the lochs soon!
Best regards
Andy said...
This is more like it, now there are a good number of outlets. Could you not appoint one in Galashiels? Turnbulls used to sell them a few years back.
As mentioned in the blog we may appoint more outlets, thank you for your suggestion!

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