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Sunday, 19 April 2009

*Stop Press* 8lbs Brownie caught!!

added 10.05pm

News has just come in about an 8lbs Brownie having been caught today by a visiting angler fishing for Pike. The fish was safely returned to fight another day. Photo's are being sent on and this will reveal whether the fish is the 7lbs fish caught twice 2 and 3 weeks ago it has a distinguishing gash on its right flank. Remember this is a prolific fish eater and could easily have put on a pound in weight. All will become apparent in time! *****END

Snippets from the lochs

Well the big 7lbs (approx)Brownie has caused a flurry of hits on the web; even at the lochs the Brownie has been named “Matilda” as a term of endearment. Not surprisingly she has disappeared for the moment but since she had been returned safe and well we look forward to her next appearance. Certainly this is the biggest Brownie in the last 50 years

It may even be the heaviest recorded Brownie since 1880 when one was apparently recorded at 9lbs caught at Bowerhope. Research is currently ongoing.

A few of the members have started bringing rubbish bags with them and collecting all refuse in the general area of their fishing. Thank lads it really has cleaned the place up!
Now if you see any anglers leaving litter let us know and we will without question remove the privilege of fishing on the lochs we are keen to make an example of a litter lout. Of course it’s not all down to anglers; all litterers should be challenged as to their behaviour.

Met a couple of anglers from Preston who were up for a couple of days fishing, and we spoke with them for a while. It quickly became apparent that these anglers have a completely different outlook to some of the locals we encounter. Leaving their area clean was one of their main priorities, not that they were behaving like monks, they had a Barbie, a few cans, and a small fire to cook and supply heat but everything in moderation and true to their word there was no sign of them ever having been there even the fire which they had on the shingle beach had disappeared.
Thanks lads it was a pleasure meeting you please come back anytime you like!

A sight we hope to consign to history.

A letter to all members will be sent out shortly and will include a rule sheet, news about the club badge and pre printed catch return slips. All members who have not renewed their memberships should do so at their earliest convenience. This dilatory practice will cease next year. A deadline will be sent out with the letter planned to go out soon anyone who has not renewed their memberships by this date will no longer remain as a member of the club. There is a large waiting list of people who want to join the club you have been warned!

There is a great deal happening at the lochs at the present time, however as most of it is ongoing it cannot be discussed at this time.

John W was fishing at the top of the Lowes midweek and noted that many jacks were topping and rolling which would suggest that this is the start of the spawning ritual. Once this is out of the way we would expect the Pike to turn their attention to feeding with a vengeance.

The hang glider brigade was out in force yesterday soaring over the loch – rather them than me! Great to watch though see the photo below.

Bet he gets a great view from up there!

The first swallows over the lochs were spotted today, the Oystercatchers are now here in great numbers and the local Chaffinch squad are homing in for seeds and nuts which some anglers bring on a Saturday. Nesting has begun with a couple of nests spotted today. With many of the trees budding spring is in full bloom – here’s hoping what follows is better than last year!

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