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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Memberships, updates

We are getting many applications from anglers for admission to the club. We are currently full up but the following is the system in use for applicants seeking club membership. New applicants will be offered the chance to purchase a season ticket (up to the limit we have set) which currently stands at £50.00 for a full years fishing which is very reasonable indeed. At the end of this period you should have made enough contact with two members who would be prepared to propose and second you to club membership. Remember that in asking members to take on this function you are placing their names on the line as their credibility will be called into question if you are found to have leanings towards Muppetry!

So in fact the season ticket is a precursor to club membership subject to places being available, so if your year as a season ticket holder has been unblemished you will be considered for club membership.
We were forced to implement this regime after what were termed as the “Black days” when Muppet types infiltrated club membership. We will not allow this situation to occur again! The season tickets run from January to December the same as memberships so prospective candidates should be aware they can apply at any time but in all cases the period will terminate at the end of December. Season ticket holders may not attend the clubs AGM.

The supreme Muppet!
Another comment received from the Muppet "Uranob" this week, unfortunately it is incoherent and interspersed with Anglo Saxon expletives and as such is not suitable for publication here. It has however been added to the up and coming restricted access blog where only selected individuals can read the contents. People such as psychiatrists, psychologists and those who informally study human behaviour will find this collection an Aladdin’s cave of the depraved and bizarre side of human nature!

The “Graveyard” Swim.The steel arrived today which will be used to block access to the “graveyard” a folding lockable post will allow us access for boat recovery and maintenance issues!

MeetingsA committee meeting will be held on the 21st of this month at Glengaber Cottage starting at 19.00hrs. Glengaber cottage is around half a mile beyond the Browns cottage when you see the Chrome sign proclaiming Megget dam you are there.

Members should be reminded that the AGM will take place at the Tibbie Shiels Inn on Wednesday the 28th of this month commencing at 19.00hrs.

Nature’s rich harvest.

This week’s photos show a Dog Rose with a few flowers and many rosehips, you don’t often see Dog Rose flowers in mid October up here, and a bountiful crop of haws from the Hawthorn tree. There has also been a heavy crop of Brambles which although punishing to pick, is made worthwhile when the time comes to munch! I’m told the Romans used Bramble bushes as barbed wire, which without question must have been very effective.

Numerous Pigeons/Pheasants under Beech trees usually indicate a heavy crop of Beech mast and indeed it has proved to be so with an abundance being apparent. Hazel trees have also cropped well the nuts being eagerly collected by the resident mice. The pink feet Geese were seen last week and today which along with the white frost (minus 3 degrees) is a sure and irreversible sign that summer such as it was has gone.

Decent bloke
Had a good blether with a local walker called David today who was on his way to Innerleithen on foot, rather you than me mate! Got a call around 6pm to say he had arrived safely, somewhat “knackered” and ready for a long cool beer with a good twenty miles under his belt. He used to fish the salmon beat below the one I fish on Tweed small world indeed. Well done mate, today (Saturday) was a super day for a refreshing walk! Oh and we will have your season ticket waiting for you in December.

Another decent bloke and a real angler!Spoke at length to one of our members from Glasgow this morning Eddie I, on a two day session having not been able to visit for a good few months due to family illness. Just about to finish when I passed, total catch- nil!
He stopped on the way home for a blether and to give me an update - got a 4 pounder whilst reeling the rods in, disappointed? Not a bit of it, this is natural fishing the way it’s meant to be! Aye Eddie you are what’s known as a true angler – no “plastic” pike, no weighted balance towards the angler, no photo album of meaningless soft flabby pike just you, your guile pitted against a truly wild adversary every bit as cunning as yourself through having to stalk and hunt! This is real fishing where a 4 pounder is every bit the equal of a dozen engineered double figure “plastic” pike! A proper angler indeed!

Cut off date for renewals.
The cut off date for membership renewals will be posted next week any member not having renewed by this date will be deemed to be a lapsed member and deleted from our membership list. This excludes a lapse due to illness etc.

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