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Sunday, 17 May 2009


Met a chap who was walking up the road a few weeks back, and as is customary in these parts we exchanged polite greetings and the conversation grew from there. We blethered for a good thirty minutes and it turns out he is a sub aqua diver I think I am right in saying registered to dive to 100metres.

Well blow me it transpires that he has dived into St Marys Loch on a few occasions in fact he was one of the team that went under to search for the model T Ford that in the thirties was pushed out on to the frozen loch after a rip roaring drink fuelled party. Well you might ask what did the team discover, well as it turns out nothing apart from a few old bottles, they could find no trace of the ill fated car. He said however that there was a huge build up of silt and that the car that some thought might have drifted further down the loch is probably still in the vicinity of the Rodono buried under tons of the stuff.

He also told me that they had come across an underwater arms dump on the Bowerhope side of the loch. The area was used as a target range and it seems that firing of ordnance would regularly take place across the loch and at the end of the war weapons and shells were rowed out into the loch and thrown overboard. He said that although most were in a state of decomposition they did not investigate any further. Probably a very wise move to let sleeping shells lie! Visibility below twenty metres he said was almost nonexistent and the water at this depth was much colder as we would expect. Absolutely fascinating to hear of such stories, if you know any stories surrounding the lochs please let us know.

The 3lbs 12oz fish caught by our treasurer John W turns out to be a spent Salmon or Kelt (as usual you were spot on John) the full report will appear next week. At last the photo of Matilda @8lbs with the clearly delighted angler and friend.

Matilda weighing 8lbs

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