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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Boathouse Clearance and a Soapbox!

The work to clear the boathouse area of scrub /self seeded trees is now virtually complete. The majority of overcrowded trees have been removed whilst leaving a few of the larger specimens which will act as a sanctuary for wildlife and fly life. Three spindly specimens still require to be removed.

The landing area for the boats is now completely visible from the roadside thereby enabling any interference with the boats to be detected more easily.

It will now be a relatively simple task to maintain this area on a yearly basis. An area has also been cleared from the Rodono boundary down to the wall end below the boathouse. Much of this self seeded growth has sprung up in the last 10 years preventing anglers from fishing some areas. The rest of the loch has many of these areas where bushes have appeared and prevent bank fishing.

If you fish an area that fits into this category we intend to make a pair heavy duty of loppers available to anglers who wish to remove some of this scrub to enable easier fishing. Anglers however should leave some areas with scrub for wildlife. The loppers are capable of cutting scrub growth up to 4 inches in diameter relatively easily. Anything with a trunk diameter over this should be left to grow into maturity.

Have your say!
A colleague has come up with an interesting idea to make the news page available to members so that they can have a chance to air their views hopefully about fishing. Such topics might include things as litterbugs, “perfect” anglers who do not practice what they preach, the must spend hundreds of pounds to be properly equipped brigade or topics such as why I use braid or mono, flavour attractants – an aid to anglers or a goldmine for tackle dealers, floating or sinking lines, Boat or bank fishing, dry or wet flys.

You might want to write an account of a red letter day on the lochs, or that fateful day when everything went belly up! Any topic related to fishing would be acceptable so if you want to get something off your chest or want to stimulate debate on a certain subject put pen to paper and get in touch.

If you would like to have your say please get in touch, you really would be preaching to a worldwide audience we have regular visitors from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Dublin and all over the UK.
The only requirements are that you must be a member of the club and that your article be fit for publication I.e. no personal vendettas, foul language, or advertising of any business. All articles will be subject to review and changes made if deemed necessary with regard to grammar and objectionable content. The suggested changes will be discussed with the author prior to publication.
You are welcome to submit a few (up to 3) photos to further describe your topic and break up the text of your article.

Articles should be sent to or paper articles may be handed in to Harry or Isabel at Henderland Cottage.

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