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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Look who's come to visit!

Friendly Robin at St Mary's Loch.

It was most interesting to look back at that statistics for our news pages and see which articles drew the largest readership and where the visitors come from.
The average number of visitors per week to our newspages is 114 individual visitors, of which 112 are from the UK and 2 are from overseas. The overseas visitors invariably are on our pages for between 1 and 10 seconds indicating a transient visit. We have had a few from the USA. Russia, Kenya and Spain offering to make cheap flies for our club members.
Of more interest to us are the UK visitors who browse the site with a view to coming to fish. The league table looks like this, most visitors are from the North of England, then Glasgow, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Borders, London and Lancashire.

Of the total visitors to our newspages 58% are returning visitors and 42% are new visitors, this is a high proportion of new visitors for an established site indicating anglers are always looking for new venues to fish, this is further reinforced by the higher number of visitors received when the angling report is published. The actual reports are at this time erroneous, as it is not a requirement to submit a catch return, but as of the 1st March 2009 it will be a requirement and results will be more meaningful.

Occasionally a subject stimulates an unusually high degree of interest such was the case with our Pike fishing on a budget article which saw a 67% rise in visitors, and our article on buying tackle on the internet which gave a massive 97%increase on our average numbers. Clearly these subjects require to be revisited in the coming weeks!

A proper winter!

Club AGM Wednesday 19.30hrs Tibbie Shiels Inn St Mary’s Loch.

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