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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Boathouse Works

For visitors who have not visited the lochs for a while a couple of changes at the boathouse have taken place. At Harry’s suggestion a stepped path along with a stout handrail has been constructed by a group of members with joiners Alistair, John C, and Les leading operations (take a bow lads you did a great job). There’s no doubting it was a heavy operation but that sense of satisfaction derived from a job well done was evident in all the participants.

The stump of the removed Ash tree.
We also constructed a stone drain to improve drainage from the roadside and stop the flow of water down the path to the boat house making the descent a much safer affair. Undoubtedly this drain will require to be redone after a couple of years as the spaces between the stones become clogged with debris.

Following a motion arising from the AGM that the large Ash tree which was overhanging the boathouse be assessed by professional tree surgeons, Harry procured the services of a local expert in this field and following his examination it was decided that the tree be removed to avoid any potential damage to the boathouse and accordingly arrangements were made for the removal of the tree.

As it turns out this was an excellent decision as a degree of rotting was noted in the main trunk (just as the tree surgeon had said) and the tree was removed. Harry represented the club at the event and said that the whole operation was completed in around 30 minutes with disruption on the road limited to around 15 minutes.

Thanks are due to Isabel (our secretary) who liaised with Benson and Wemyss Estates to effect the removal of the tree in a manner acceptable to all interested parties. Naturally we are indebted to the estate for their assistance in this matter.
There are a further two trees that could possibly cause damage to the boathouse in the future if they were to become unstable, but the advice of the tree surgeons is that for now the trees present no immediate threat to the integrity of the boathouse. However the situation will require to be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Boat Damage

Our white “Lomond” boat sustained damage when an unstable dead Elm tree fell on to it earlier this year, the damage has been repaired and the offending tree was swiftly removed by Ronnie and Sammy from Bowerhope who kindly removed another dead tree to prevent a recurrence (thanks lads).

The offending tree.               The 5 boats will be removed to the boathouse for the winter and we will be looking for volounteers to help put them away, this generally requires 6 people and total time involved approx 30 minutes. If you can help please telephone Harry or Isabel on 01750 422430

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