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Sunday, 14 March 2010

More tips on fishing the lochs for Brown Trout and news snippets.

photo - JW Looking to the Tibbie

Brown Trout in Summer!

By summer (that's assuming we have one!) the Trout have moved out of the shallow littoral areas into the deeper areas and the angler will often encounter smaller Trout throughout the day with the larger specimens being encountered as dusk approaches intent on feeding on these small Trout and Sticklebacks along with Perch. At this time Perch may also be attracted to your flies.
It's best to fish mid water or deep at this time of the year and to reserve the dry fly for evening. As with Pike fishing the drop off points on the loch are fruitful areas for Trout and a small Mepps, Toby or Repala trolled along these areas can lead to a good bag of fish. This method can often lead to larger more voracious specimens being caught.
St Mary's has a wide variety of Trichopteran species with hatches of Silverhorn (Grouse and Green) being the most abundant. By high summer the lochs can be a very dour place to fish and it is during this month that the angler's armoury will be put to the test; however perseverance will often lead to a catch.
As August approaches the fishing improves with the dry fly fisher coming into his own. Although little may be showing on the surface surprising results can be obtained, a deadly fly at this time is the Heather fly and multiple Trout can fall to the angler who is on the water with a replica when these flies appear. Whether by boat or on the bank Trout are there to be caught.
So there you have it a concise but accurate picture of how to catch Trout on our most scenic lochs. The fishing is not easy but the rewards when pitting your wits against this most wily adversary can be great!
Many thanks to Alistair White our secretary and long time successful angler on the lochs for this most useful treatise!
Both lochs are now completely free of ice and all areas of the lochs are accessible even though many of the minor fishing ponds in the area remain closed due to the extreme thickness of the ice.
Brown Trout Season!
The 2010 season for Brown Trout commences tomorrow (Monday 15/03) and will undoubtedly see a few keen anglers dusting off their rods in preparation for the event. The start of the season is a bountiful time and if the sport proves half as good as the two previous years it will be a good one! The majority of our anglers return early season Trout and it will be interesting to note the condition they are in after such a severe winter. Trout anglers should be aware that returns for all fish caught whether kept or not must be submitted for our annual submission of catches to the Tweed Commission! The returns box is situated on the notice board at the boat house. Tight lines to all out on opening day and here's to a great season ahead!

All boats will be equipped with a drain plug in the next few weeks; all anglers using the boats should check that the drain stopper is secure before embarking on to the loch. Signs will be erected to remind anglers of this important precaution.
We have purchased a 6000lbs effort electric winch to aid in the movement of the boats. This will make the movement of the boats very much easier and lessen the risk of personal injury.
Photo a rod waits in anticipation! JW

Club Membership!
Any member who has not renewed their subscription to the club should do so immediately you have just days before your membership is terminated. The period of grace allowed this year will not occur next year. Members not having renewed by the due date will cease to be a member of the club unless there are significant extenuating circumstances!
Lambing season!
The lambing season is now upon us with a number of the white balls of wool seen gambolling whilst travelling on the road to the lochs; anglers are reminded that dogs are forbidden anywhere near lambing stock. Breaking this rule will result in your membership being terminated with immediate effect! Anyone observing an unleashed dog in a field with lambing stock should immediately engage the offending person or if distance prevents this phone our loch keeper immediately. Avoidance of areas containing such stock is good practice!
Rodono House!
This is a reminder to all anglers following an incident last week. The grassy verge area opposite Rodono House is private! No cars should be parked on this grass verge; it is the property of the owner of Rodono House, please respect their privacy and property! There are ample parking areas either side of this area!
Leviathan Pike!
The 26lbs Pike reported a few weeks back has not been verified. Even more jaw dropping is the 38lbs one reported this week, this also turns out to be unverifiable! It's entirely possible but in the absence of corroborating evidence perhaps just wishful thinking methinks!
Cementing relations!
We are indebted to Alistair and Selina at the Tibbie Shiels who are advertising our impending competition and who on completing their new website for the inn have kindly linked to ours. Thank you Alistair & Selina! http://www.tibbieshiels.com
Kind words!
I was made aware this week of some comments relating to the club on the Glen Cafe Blog made by our good friends Ian and Barbara at the cafe. Ian and Barbara your words are most kind and encouraging! Thank you!
Sorry we didn't notice sooner but we have a lot on our plate at the moment.
Isn't it so much better when the bickering and confrontation of old is replaced by goodwill and friendly gesture! We certainly think so! http://www.glencafe.co.uk/
Yer Mum!
Just in case you've forgotten its Mother's day today, there's still time to nip out and grab something to say thank you!

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