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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Wild Trout Competition!

This week we start the ball rolling for our Wild Trout Competition which takes place on St Mary's Loch and the Loch o the Lowes on Sunday the 16th of May.
First the goodies, in addition to a day's wild fishing on our lochs the winner gets a super quality trophy lavished in 24 carat Gold to keep forever and as if that wasn't enough, we have arranged a day's Salmon fishing on the Upper Pavilion on Tweed just below Boleside during the months of October/November (A day on this beat during the months of October/November would normally cost you £900.00 upwards)! This is one of the premier beats on Tweed and for most anglers will be a day in a lifetime! Visit our competition page on our main site for entry forms and further information. Click the link below.
Second prize is a weekend at the historic Tibbie Shiels Inn for two where you can relax in the most picture perfect scene, go fishing/walking have a few drinks the choice is yours. Leave the hustle of the city behind and enjoy the ambience of the surroundings! Final arrangements should be made with Alistair or Selina the proprietors of the inn. www.tibbieshiels.com
Third Prize is a box of fly's overflowing with a varied selection of professionally tied fly's kindly donated by Stevie at Blackwater tackle. Never again will you be stuck for choice!


Here is how it will pan out – once your application has been received with the entry fee of £16.00 you will be sent your entry ticket, competitor number and rule sheet/schedule for the day. Registration on the day is a requirement and you must register on the cafe green opposite the Glen Cafe between the two lochs between the hours 08.00 – 09.45 your ticket entitles you to a coffee and bacon roll to get you started on the right track.
Competitors may fish wherever they like excepting the areas in front of the sailing club, boat mooring area and in front of Rodono House next to our boathouse half way down St Mary's loch. If you wish to fish the far side of the loch there is walking access at both ends. There is no vehicular access on the road at the dam! Anglers fishing the Lowes should note there are no private areas on the loch.
You may also choose to be ferried to the far side of the loch and we will have motor boats available from 08.30hrs for this purpose, please give yourself adequate time to arrive at your fishing stance. Fishing is by fly only and will take place from 10.00hrs – 16.00hrs. The weigh in will be at the Tibbie Shiels Inn between 16.00 and 16.30hrs. Extra time will be added if necessary to allow for anglers being ferried to the weigh in by boat.
The prize giving will take place directly after the weigh in and this will be immediately followed by a post mortem with a hog roast barbecue also included in the entry ticket price.It has to be mentioned even though I am sure it will not happen, anyone found cheating will immediately be removed from the competition and barred from fishing on our lochs!
Photo - This used to be called lounging around now its called "taking in rays"!

Photo - Paul with his 11lbs 8oz Pike!

Hall of fame!
Whilst all around him (including me) were failing in spectacular fashion in their efforts to connect with a fish Paul Robertson in his usual inimitable style quietly hooked and landed a fine well conditioned 11lbs 8oz Pike from the Loch o the Lowes and after a quick weigh and photo it was back in with her hopefully to meet another day in the future!
Well done Paul, one day we will find out the secret of your success even if it means living in a bush for couple of days with a spotting scope at minus 15 degrees!

Bruce Taylor again bagged a fish on his beloved Smelt today this time a nice 7lbs 2oz fish in great nick! Would somebody please get out and buy all the available Smelt, this lad is showing up some of our members and we are running out of excuses!

Photo - Bruces 7lbs 2oz Pike.

A better class of litter lout?
Photo taken recently in one of the lay bys. I could almost guarantee that the people responsible would consider themselves a class above your common everyday litter lout in that at least they bagged their litter up before discarding it. Interesting thought but it is severely flawed thinking! A Hooded Crow would have the bag sliced open in seconds and the contents scattered far and wide! You can't blame the Crows they are just doing what they do!
A step above the ordinary litter lout?

No they are just the same as the Muppets who litter in the manner of an errant and carefree child, a scourge on this beautiful landscape, serial desecrators that spoil the enjoyment of the countryside for all others. Our message to you – Get thee hence and don't come back!

Something for the weekend sir!

Its not quite time to get the Trout rods out yet, stuck for something to do? Why not visit the Scottish Game and Angling Show, loads of bargains and activities. see flyer!

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