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Litter around the Lochs!

St Marys Loch, The Loch o the Lowes and surrounding countryside are places of great beauty but if you were to scour a ten metre circle around yourself chances are you would find that scourge of the countryside - Litter!

Unfortunately this is a common scene at the lochs.

The problem of litter is one which never seems far away and at this time it is particularly bad. Not all littering is down to anglers but unless campers and walkers use frozen pike baits and nylon line then anglers are partly to blame.

People probably best described as neds leave nylon line, open soup tins, plastic carrier bags, disposable barbecues ,broken glass at their feet, and just as bad some collect their litter up in a carrier bag then hide the bag in the undergrowth where vermin collect and scatter the contents! The logic demonstrated by these people is unfathomable. Juice bottles which are empty are lighter to carry so why dont they take them home.

It would appear there is no easy answer, we even provide rubbish buckets at the boathouse yet still litter is thrown into the undergrowth. Signs have been erected which are systematically ignored, and the battle against this cancer on the landscape seems unwinnable.

We had a couple of visits from the lads of Region 52 Ayrshire branch of the PAC earlier in the year and not only did they leave no litter they actually brought black bags and took all of the existing litter that they came across back to Ayr. Thank you lads for showing us how it should be done.

I read with interest the stance taken by some English clubs whose waters are under much more angling pressure than we at St Mary`s are, and they without exception ban any angler who has visible litter around them and circulate their names to surrounding clubs. It might seem harsh but its working! As a result of this stance decent anglers are joining together and report immediately any litter louts who are then suspended from the club pending an investigation.

So what are we to do?

Well my own view is that as a club we should formulate a policy of zero tolerance with regard to litter similar to that above, how else can we rid ourselves of these desecrators of a most beautiful landscape?

All the regular anglers I know are meticulous in removing litter and that includes other peoples, but a rogue element persists and it is up to the right minded anglers to weed this unwelcome element out and send them packing. I will be tabling a proposal on the above lines to the annual general meeting of the club early next year.

The time has come for actions rather than words!

Pike TaggingA copy of our protocols is being sent to Stevie at Portmore fishery to assist him in his project.

From the Archives
Taken from the club AGM March 1967 "it appeared the constant drag netting was keeping the Pike under control many Pike up to 2lbs were taken and destroyed, the Pike fishers have given up fishing" how times have changed, nowadays the Pike fishing is by far the bigger contributor to the club assets.

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