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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Catches patches and our future!

Catch report 2

Firstly an addendum to last week’s catch report, Fraser P submitted a two page report for his week on the loch and I only reported one of them, sorry mate! Anyhow a fine tally of 37 Pike, 68 Perch and numerous Trout and Eels. Best Pike was 12lbs 13oz, best Perch was 1lb 14oz and best Eel was 2lbs. I’ve left out the Trout because he got a very nice trout indeed a Brownie of 2lbs 15oz (photo soon) well marked and full of fury when caught. The trout took a 6inch dead bait Trout.


Now that the record is straight we move on to our lifejackets which arrived midweek. These are now available on a request basis until we formulate a policy regarding their usage when wearing a lifejacket (yours or ours) will be compulsory. Put simply no jacket – no boat!

Club Patch

The club patch has now arrived please see the scan above, it was designed from scratch by John W and its a cracker featuring the species most fished for on the loch the Trout and the Pike and incorporating the year that the club commenced 1933. The patch will be available to club members by contacting our loch keeper Peter and paying the princely sum of £5.00. It’s a lot of badge for the money!

Line for Pike Fishing

It happened again today, a 5lbs jack landed this morning with a trace in its gullet! I had to cut the trace as far down as I could and hope that the digestive juices take their toll on the hooks and remaining wire.
It could have arisen from a planned break off when snagged, equally it could have pulled the line estimated at around 10-12lbs around a sharp edged rock. However by using heavy line i.e. 20lbs Monofilament or 50lbs braid the chances of an abrasion break could be significantly reduced. We have tried the carrot now it looks as though it’s time for the stick!
All Pike anglers will be issued with a slip stating the minimum requirements for line breaking strain. If the angler’s line does not meet these requirements (10-15%leeway) there are 2 choices.
(1) The angler may wind in and depart the fishery.
(2) The angler may purchase line of the required breaking strain from our loch keeper or the Tibbie Shiels Inn and re spool the reels on site.
It is a great pity that these steps are being forced on us but if we do not look after our Pike we will have no future as a fishery! It is envisaged the system will start in October, meantime line checks will be carried out and any angler found to be blatantly below the limits will be asked to leave.


The new system for hiring boats is as follows, boats must be hired through our loch keeper contact as at foot of page. You will not be able to obtain a boat through any of our other outlets. Lifejackets will also be given out by the keeper.
A secure box with a combination lock will be installed in the boathouse area to hold keys for the boats/ jackets and oars for anglers to pick up a boat when the loch keeper is not available. The combination will be changed regularly and the combination will be given to the boat hirer when booking with our loch keeper

Peter Kokot Home - 01750 423290Mobile – 07907531605
or if you prefer E mail-

Next Week – The return of some old friends!

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